Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Sleek Modular Kitchen Catalog 2012 - Freebies For India

Free Sleek Modular Kitchen Catalog 2012 - Freebies For India : Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SLEEK Modular kitchen v/s Carpenter Made kitchen : Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more.

Modular kitchen v/s Carpenter Made kitchen :

As modular kitchens become the new style statement for the modern homemaker, more and more
modern families are opting for it over carpenter made kitchens. Here are a few reasons why modular
kitchen is definetly a better bet than carpenter made kitchens.

Infinite design options: A carpenter would give you a limited number of design options. An ordinary
dabba drawer, a cutlery drawer and a normal thali drawer, that’s it! But modular kitchen brands
like Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist, give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your
kitchen space. Wall hangings, rotating tall units, lift-up flaps, soft-closing drawers are all blessings of
modular kitchen.

Optimum space management: Innovative tall kitchen units can store all your food containers in a
small 2ft x 2ft space. Corner units transform your wasted corner space into the most useful one.
Innovations like these can only be found in a modular kitchen.

Excellent finish: Observe the rough edges and uneven finish of a carpenter-made kitchen, and
compare it to the smooth, seamless finish of a modular kitchen. It is unparalleled. Another
advantage of the machine-made shutters of Sleek modular kitchens is that every shutter is evenly
finished, and has no open edges. This ensures that no bacteria or pests enter the cabinets, and you
have a clean hygienic kitchen.

No mess, no stress: Days of mess, noise and dust… are the side effects of carpenter made kitchens.
Not to mention the tension and irritation that can affect your work as well. Getting your meals too
becomes a problem. But when you order a factory-fitted Sleek Modular Kitchen, all it takes is a
couple of days for installation. No mess, no dust, no noise. It’s easy and hassle free.

Maintenance and Service: With a carpenter-made kitchen, there is no guarantee for replacement
or regular service. But with modular kitchen companies like Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist, you will
not only get easy replacements but also a regular service contract that will ensure that your kitchen
remains in perfect working condition always.

Value for money: Though the carpenter-made kitchen seems like a reasonable solution in the
beginning, it ends up being an expensive affair. The carpenter will keep adding material and services
as he progresses. And in the end, when you calculate, you will realize the price has crossed the
quotation the modular kitchen company gave you. So you not only end up paying more for a
carpenter-made kitchen, but you also don’t get the functionality, innovation, excellent finish and
look of a modular kitchen. And don’t forget… the frustrating days when you have to tolerate the
banging and the mess in your kitchen.

Happy Ending: Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist provides you with the design expertise, and world class
kitchen solutions to turn your kitchen into a new, fresh, vibrant and a complete mood-setter for an
amazing kitchen experience.

It’s worth your money for it’s the best makeover you can give your kitchen. Call 1800 2120 200  for
more expert advice from Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. Grab your copy of Sleek Catalogue 2013 for FREE to discover more.

Why is Sleek a specialist in Modular kitchens?

Sleek has an experience of over 15 years in the modular kitchen industry and hence understands the consumer's taste very well. Sleek also has an inhouse team of designing professionals. From customized modular kitchen solutions within a budget to easy installment of the kitchen, Sleek stands true to its specialist image.

Modular kitchens

A kitchen is much more than just a cooking place. It is the heart of your home. By combining aesthetics with functionality and elegance, Sleek kitchens can truly transform your kitchen into a specialist kitchen.
With the advent of Sleek, the kitchen specialist, you can now alter your daily cooking task into a beautiful experience. From innovative accessories to high-tech appliances, your Sleek kitchen has it all. Customized to perfection, your Sleek kitchen shall be uniquely yours.