Thursday, March 20, 2014

Modern Indian Kitchen

One can forget its space for few hours, but can’t forget a room when hunger calls. These days, though everyone has a room for themselves, but a kitchen where food is cooked and served remains close to the heart, be it’s a man, woman or child.

The kitchen has an important role to play in every day’s household chores. Hence the idea of planning the Indian kitchen should be given as equal importance as interior d├ęcor.

Indian kitchens always have space constraints, but one smart step will lead to the maximization of the space. If you consider joint families in India, there are a lot of people who become a part of the kitchen. The size of the kitchen should be planned and designed by considering size of the family. A large kitchen should be remodeled in such a way that there should be sufficient place for movement. A very important aspect of the modular kitchen design is the use of the principle “Work Triangle” which calls for easy movement between the 3 focal points of your kitchen, namely, the sink, refrigeration and hob. This principle forms the basis of every Sleek kitchen for ease of accessibility. The kitchen usage is divided and hence 2 people working in the same modular kitchen makes cooking easy and faster. 

Also, if you look at today's scenario the kitchen is like the hub of home. An open kitchen is encouraged by families and friends to cook, eat, entertain, and share daily life story. Your kitchen usage, if planned, designed and executed well, can make socialising truly enjoyable; whether it is two people sitting down for a midnight snack after a weekend night out, the daily family meal or a birthday celebration etc. Our Sleek kitchen designers too are creating layouts that encourage comfortable interaction. The kitchen island is the perfect place to balance gatherings ensuring that hosts can cook, have fun, clean while they socialise with their guests. 

The latest evolution in kitchen design incorporates research where the application of the ideas and concepts helps to increase the sense of well-being in the kitchen. This type of open modular kitchen design plan is called the Active Living Spaces. It is a trendy concept and can be well adapted to the Indian kitchen, especially in nuclear families living in the cities. It can be done by carving out a corner where a small table with two or three bar stools or even chairs can be placed around the table. It helps in socialising or helping the kids with their studies, homework, projects etc. while continuing to work and cook in your kitchen.

So now select your type of kitchen, or just walk into a Sleek outlet where you can view and understand the efficient ways of kitchen usage.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Vastu for your Modular Kitchen

Vastu for your Modular Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important place in your house. If redesigning your kitchen is what is in your mind, then to bring a positive energy in the kitchen, the kitchen design can be planned according to Vastu Shastra. Believers say that a well-planned and a well designed modular kitchen through the principle of Vastu Shastra attract health and happiness. Also it helps the entire family to live a prosperous life.

Here are some pointers for a Vastu-planned kitchen. Vastu Shastra sets down definite basic rules for a healthy kitchen and decides a place for everything in it. Here are the best rules to ensure a healthy and happy life.

The best direction for a kitchen is the Southeastern corner of a house. A kitchen located in North or North East can affect your profession. The second best choice is the Northwest side of a house.
The kitchen should never be below or above a bathroom/toilet, and should not share a wall either. It can affect a person’s health.
The kitchen must never face the main entrance of a kitchen. The kitchen door must not be in any of the corners.
The hob / stove must be a little away from the wall, and should not be visible from outside. It should be placed in such a way that the person who is cooking faces the east direction while cooking.
The best and suitable colour of the walls should be in shades of yellow, rose, orange, red and chocolate.
The modular kitchen platform in an ‘L’ shape kitchen should be near the South wall.  The day to day appliances like a mixer, microwave, oven, grinder etc. can be placed there. It is believed to be auspicious. View the photos too to get a clear picture.
Everyday essential groceries like grains, spices, pulses, packed products should be placed either in South or West direction.
See that the gas burner is not in the front of the main kitchen entrance.
Utensils that are light in weight can be placed in the East or the North direction of a modular kitchen.
While cooking, one should ideally face towards the East. For clear understanding view the modular kitchen photos.
Place the kitchen dining table in the North-West or the West direction.

Building your kitchen with Vastu Shastra helps in preserving a hail and hearty atmosphere. The effects of Vastu Shastra are tremendous and with the help of this the design of a kitchen can reveal a healthy positive kitchen ambiance.

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