Monday, December 22, 2014

Checkpoints while Opting for a Modular Kitchen

Demands of modular kitchens are increasing in all homes now. Though initial investments for having such kitchens are little high when compared to normal kitchens, the convenience and ease of working is very high in these kitchens. Space constraint is one of the major issues in most of the homes now as majority of people now live in small flats and apartments. With a modular kitchen setup, even the small space can be utilized in the most effective manner. Lots of storage space can be created in the kitchen with a modular setup.
If you have made up your mind in installing a modular kitchen in your home, here are some points that you must check before the same:

·    Choosing the right design for the modular kitchen – The two most common designs that are popular for modular kitchens are the ‘L’ shape and the ‘U’ shape. Choose the correct modular kitchen design as per the shape of the kitchen space.

·    Choice of cabinets, chests and drawers Cabinets, drawers and chests are integral parts of a modular kitchen. In majority of cases, the cabinets are mounted on the walls so that floor space is saved. Other items can be kept on the floor. Along with cabinets, proper chests and drawers are also installed in these kitchens where cookware, cutlery, utensils and other things can be stored easily.

·    Countertops – Having a proper countertop is mandatory in modular kitchens. There are different materials in which these countertops are available. The colors are also different. Choose the countertop that is durable, tough and in sync with the color of the kitchen walls and tiles.

·    Choice of floor materials and wall tiles – Most of the people concentrate on the kitchen décor and other things and forget about the floor materials and wall tiles. But that is integral part of modular kitchen décor. Be careful in choosing the right materials for the same.

·    Proper lighting and chimney installation – Having a very good chimney is a prerequisite of a modular kitchen. It sucks all the smoke and oil in the kitchen and keeps the place clean oil-free. Along with this, without proper lighting, the appeal of modular kitchen will not come into effect. Proper lights need to be installed in the kitchen so that every part of the place remains illuminated.

It is always good to do some homework before planning to install a modular kitchen. If you are still confused, you can always seek assistance from India’s only modular kitchen specialist, Sleekworld at any of its retail stores. We can guide you as which modular kitchen will be best for your home. You can also check out the reviews of Sleek modular kitchens to know what our valued customers have to say about us.