Friday, April 29, 2016

10 Tips for a Safer, Cleaner and More Functional Kitchen

Creating an efficient and functional kitchen is not just about investing in fancy modular products. It is important to focus on the seemingly-minor and insignificant points that can have a huge impact on safety and utility of your kitchen space. Read ahead for some useful tips that will help you get more done in the kitchen in less time and with less effort.
  1. Instead of storing cutlery and utensils at random, store frequently used objects in the top drawer below the countertop. Utensils and food containers that are not accessed regularly should be placed at the bottom.
  2. Minimize dripping issues by placing plate trays above the sink. The excess water in the utensils will drain through the plate and flow into the sink. This will improve safety and minimize efforts required to clean the Sleek kitchen  after washing the utensils.
  3. The ideal height for the kitchen countertop is 90 cm.  Increase or reduce the height depending on your personal preferences.
  4. Avoid banging your head into the kitchen chimney by ensuring there is a distance of at least 60 cm from the chimney and your position in front of the cooking top in your Sleek modular kitchen.
  5. Utilize the space under the sink for storage of waste bins, detergents, and washing agents. Fit the bins to the shutter or doors of the under sink cabinet to ensure easy access without dirtying your hand. 
  6. Mount the pullout near the hob for easy access to spices routinely used in your cooking.
  7. If you have a compact kitchen, then use a tall unit or a pullout to enjoy additional storage without spoiling the overall aesthetics and appearance of the kitchen.
  8. The three primary activities in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and storage, should be arranged in a triangular pattern for hassle-free working. 
  9. Use corner cabinet accessories to utilize corner spaces better. Instead of storing stuff at random, use sturdy wireframe accessories to store heavy utensils and big pans in the corners of your cabinet.
  10. Make your kitchen look more spacious and bright by opting for stylish illumination accessories under the cabinet. Of course, this will also help improve efficiency when working at night.

Consider these Sleekdesigning tips and create a safe, functional and stylish kitchen irrespective of the size of your budget and the space available at your disposal. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Add More Space with Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are preferred by everyone these days. They are a significant part of the current market trend. While buying a new house, a modular kitchen is something that every buyer looks for. Besides, people also redesign their existing kitchen to add the features of a modular kitchen.

The biggest reason for this popularity is the space offered by the modular kitchens. SleekWorld offers a wide range of such modular kitchens.

Arranging the kitchen utilities and accommodating them to make the kitchen clutter-free was one of the biggest challenges faced by homemakers. Modular kitchens have made their work convenient and hassle-free. Modular kitchens are designed to organize the utilities and use the space well. Each component of the modular kitchen has its own significance. Sleek Kitchen also offers efficient space utility.

Modular kitchens come in varied shapes and styles. Each type offers different benefits of space management. The varied kinds are:

L-shaped kitchens 

When space is a constraint, this type of kitchen works the best. This kitchen has two adjoining walls forming a perpendicular, and looks like a large ‘L’. It is the best way to utilize the corner space and increase the utility.

U-Shaped kitchens 

U-shaped kitchens come in both small and large designs. A lot of cooking space is provided with such kitchens as they have three bench tops. There is also abundant space to accommodate electric appliances. The U-shape also lets the appliances be within the easy reach of the homemaker.

Classic kitchens 

These are the most popular kitchens. They come in various shapes and sizes. The classic kitchen includes three worksites. The cold storage worksite is used to place the refrigerator, the sink is located in the cleaning worksite, while the cooking site accommodates the stove. All the three worksites have a lot of distance between them and offer sufficient moving space, which makes the kitchen look spacious.

Modular kitchens offer luxury and many privileges. Money invested over such a kitchen is always worth it because of the high utility factor. The smartly designed beautiful Sleek Modular Kitchens will compel you to spend a lot more time in your kitchen. Opt for one now, to optimize maximum space in the kitchen. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

5 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

5 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling transforms your work space. It adds new vibrancy and enhances the visual appeal of the room. Kitchen remodeling is an important task and should be done with careful deliberation.

While remodeling the kitchen, you will have to do a lot of planning. Here are some tips that will help you give your kitchen a facelift:


Cost: Remodeling may be costly at times. Fix a budget. Prioritize the tasks and divide the budget accordingly. If the funds fall short, eliminate unimportant tasks while remodeling. No matter what the budget, there will always be an associated remodeling plan, so choose one within your financial capacity at the time. This will save you from spending extra. Check out our best prices and specifications for modular kitchen.

Theme: The kitchen design should match the overall tone and theme of the house. It should accentuate the styling of your home d├ęcor. Paint your kitchen walls in shades that are similar to the colors of walls in the rest of the house. In addition to these, accessories in the kitchen like lighting fixtures, backsplash, floor, countertops, sinks, and faucet, among others should match with the kitchen design. You can seek expert advice from a professional or a company to get elegant and stylish kitchen designs.

Countertops: Countertops are mainly made up of natural materials. The most popular choices are granite, ceramic tiles, and marble. Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Make a choice based on your personal preferences, but make sure that you select a strong surface and the most suitable color and pattern.

Lighting: Lighting is the most important part of the kitchen. The beautiful designs and visuals of your kitchen should be necessarily backed up by good lighting. Opt for LED lights over fluorescent lighting. LEDs save energy and thus will decrease your electricity bill. They are durable and hence they also save money in the long run. Get under-cabinet lightings installed to illuminate the countertops. These lights create a great visual effect in the kitchen.

Flooring: Flooring is also important when remodeling the kitchen. There are a number of flooring ideas available. The kitchen flooring should complement the entire kitchen design. You also need to take care of the functional requirements. The most preferred flooring materials are carpets, floor boards, and tiles.

Keep these simple ideas in mind while designing your kitchen. Use these tips, apply your creativity, seek professional help and get the most stylish revamped kitchen. You can also check out Sleek Kitchens at Sleek World to find innovative ideas. Their creations are designed by experts in the industry.

Sleek Modular kitchen will enable you to have a standard and durable kitchen in your home. Branded modular kitchens are always trustable and they normally have a minimum of 10 years replacement guarantee. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sleek Kitchen Reviews - What our Customers Say about us!

As a brand that focused on delivering quality products for our customers, we take quality control very seriously. Be it the small kitchen accessories or full-fledged modular kitchens for your impressive home - our goal when creating any product, big or small is to ensure that it's the possible product that you can buy. Additionally, we feel that our valued customers need to have the best possible experience when using our products. 

So, what do our customers feel about this? Based on the numerous sleek kitchen reviews that we read, we are overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers. 

With outlets all over India - from metros to Tier II cities, Sleek has been a game-changer in the modular kitchen space in India. Some of our customers, especially sleek modular kitchen Bangalore customers have been raving our products since we started selling there some time back. 

Do you have any feedback on Sleek modular kitchens? If you do, please leave a message below and we'll pass it on to the folks at Sleek!