Friday, December 13, 2013

Residential Kitchen with High-end Appliances

The modern consumer has gone tech-savvy with modern kitchen appliances in Mumbai that have taken the art of cooking to a new level. A lot of company’s sell kitchen appliances in Mumbai, but none can match the quality of what Sleek Kitchens offers. Built-in kitchen hobs, kitchen chimneys, kitchen ovens, cooking ranges, induction cookers, etc. There is no end to kitchen appliances.
Hob: The traditional kitchen hob has given way to modern-day hobs in SS or toughened glass. Sleek offers four burner hobs in toughened glass and steel, with baffle filters for soot-free cooking. View an array of kitchen hobs and their features before you choose any.

Chimneys have become an essential part of a kitchen, to eliminate smoke, smell and grime. While the earlier chimneys made a lot of noise and were cumbersome to clean, Sleek’s world renowned chimneys boast of lowest noise levels, higher suction and practically no maintenance.
These chimneys do not have any filters hence there is no hassle of cleaning the filters from time to time. They have a detachable oil collector that collects the oil particles. They also have an aluminium non-stick turbine blower to prevent clogging. The motor also uses a non-sticky material so no need of periodic servicing. A built-in microwave is installed in a cabinet. Built-in microwaves free up the counter space in the kitchen. Installing a built-in microwave is a good idea as it not only consumes less energy in the kitchen, but also saves your hard earned money. Built-in or an integrated kitchen oven is designed to give your kitchen a seamless, sleek look. It is built into your existing kitchen units. Built-in kitchen ovens free up counter space in the kitchen. Sleek offered built-in ovens include features that save the energy in your kitchen assuring a great cooking performance. These models tend to be slightly more expensive. These are ideal for small kitchens where space is at a premium. Also for singles or couples who wash a limited amount of dishes everyday.

Island chimneys are apt for island kitchens, they hang over the cook top.

Auto Clean Chimneys Microwave Freestanding Microwave. A freestanding microwave is a stand-alone kitchen appliance that sits on top of a kitchen counter. Free standing microwaves are generally less expensive when compared to built-in microwaves. These models require no special installation and are simple to replace too. Built-In Microwave Oven Freestanding Ovens.
The most popular type of oven is freestanding. As the term suggests, these models stand free from a kitchen unit or cupboard. They can be placed anywhere, on your kitchen counter top or on a cabinet or table.   
Built-In kitchen ovens Dish washer Built-in. The built-in dishwasher is the largest selling type of dishwasher in the market. These built-in dishwashers are customized as per your kitchen space. Compact Built-in Freestanding freestanding dishwashers fit into a similar 60cm space as built-ins. The difference is that these rest on the floor and are portable. They are preferred by rental people who are expected to be moving frequently. The benefit of Sleek modern day appliances is that they create comfort and excitement in the kitchen. The kitchen appliances list, Sleek offers is never-ending.