Monday, December 22, 2014

Checkpoints while Opting for a Modular Kitchen

Demands of modular kitchens are increasing in all homes now. Though initial investments for having such kitchens are little high when compared to normal kitchens, the convenience and ease of working is very high in these kitchens. Space constraint is one of the major issues in most of the homes now as majority of people now live in small flats and apartments. With a modular kitchen setup, even the small space can be utilized in the most effective manner. Lots of storage space can be created in the kitchen with a modular setup.
If you have made up your mind in installing a modular kitchen in your home, here are some points that you must check before the same:

·    Choosing the right design for the modular kitchen – The two most common designs that are popular for modular kitchens are the ‘L’ shape and the ‘U’ shape. Choose the correct modular kitchen design as per the shape of the kitchen space.

·    Choice of cabinets, chests and drawers Cabinets, drawers and chests are integral parts of a modular kitchen. In majority of cases, the cabinets are mounted on the walls so that floor space is saved. Other items can be kept on the floor. Along with cabinets, proper chests and drawers are also installed in these kitchens where cookware, cutlery, utensils and other things can be stored easily.

·    Countertops – Having a proper countertop is mandatory in modular kitchens. There are different materials in which these countertops are available. The colors are also different. Choose the countertop that is durable, tough and in sync with the color of the kitchen walls and tiles.

·    Choice of floor materials and wall tiles – Most of the people concentrate on the kitchen décor and other things and forget about the floor materials and wall tiles. But that is integral part of modular kitchen décor. Be careful in choosing the right materials for the same.

·    Proper lighting and chimney installation – Having a very good chimney is a prerequisite of a modular kitchen. It sucks all the smoke and oil in the kitchen and keeps the place clean oil-free. Along with this, without proper lighting, the appeal of modular kitchen will not come into effect. Proper lights need to be installed in the kitchen so that every part of the place remains illuminated.

It is always good to do some homework before planning to install a modular kitchen. If you are still confused, you can always seek assistance from India’s only modular kitchen specialist, Sleekworld at any of its retail stores. We can guide you as which modular kitchen will be best for your home. You can also check out the reviews of Sleek modular kitchens to know what our valued customers have to say about us.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get More Space with a Modular Kitchen

Majority of urban people now live in apartments in residential complexes. The sizes of the apartments vary greatly. While some are quite large and spacious, some are like small matchboxes. However, in all these apartments, the kitchen plays a pivotal role. Depending on the size of the apartment, the size of the kitchen also varies. In small kitchens, space constraint is a major problem. Modular kitchen is the best solution to this problem. With the help of this kitchen model, it is possible to get more space so that working in the place becomes convenient and easy. Here are some ways in which more space can be obtained with the help of modular kitchens:

·         Cabinets – One thing that is common in almost all modular kitchen models are the use of cabinets. These not only increase the space in the kitchen but also help in keeping things organized. The cabinets are usually mounted on the walls so floor space is saved. Storing materials inside the cabinets helps in keeping the kitchen clean, organized and clutter free.  The most important thing is that usually the corner spaces are not utilized in normal kitchens. But in modular kitchens, every bit of space is used in some way or the other.

·         Drawers and shelves – When you are looking for kitchen renovation and looking to upgrade your kitchen to a modular model, make sure that there are ample of drawers and shelves in the same. See that the shelves are covered or in a trolley style so that they can be operated with ease. The drawers and shelves provide great storage space for various kinds of materials. You can easily place utensils, cutlery and other items that you often utilize in these drawers and shelves.  Apart from shelving, there are also options of hanging materials in shelves and this too saves lots of space.

·         Kitchen counter – You might not have noticed, but the kitchen counter is an excellent place for storing items. For instance, the food processor, the microwave oven, the toaster and other kitchen appliances can be easily placed on the kitchen countertop. Having these equipment’s within your grasp helps in working easily in the kitchen.

While upgrading to a modular kitchen, various kinds of kitchen fittings are also installed. See that all of these fittings are in sync with the settings of the place.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Designing a Kitchen - The Heart of Your Home

Are you looking for a unique kitchen for your newly constructed house? Are you seeking kitchen renovation and upgradation to make the place more attractive and high on utility? If your answer is a yes then it is time to install a sleek modular kitchen in your house. When designed and planned properly, even a small kitchen space can be made to look attractive and spacious. Here are some things that need consideration while designing a kitchen:

·         Shape of the kitchen – Shape will play a pivotal role in designing and installing Indian modular kitchen. While some kitchens are in ‘L’ shape, some of them are in ‘U’ shape. These are the two most popular shapes of modular kitchens.

·         Flooring and general paint and color of the kitchen – The flooring of the kitchen is vital and shouldn’t be neglected.  Generally, floors that are water and mold resistant are preferred. Vinyl floors and tiles are the most popular choices in this regard. Usually the floor colors are dark when compared to the wall colors and oil paint is used on the kitchen walls so that cleaning them is easy.

·         Kitchen cabinets and other storage options –Integral parts of a modular kitchen design are kitchen cabinets and various kinds of storage options. The finish of the cabinets, shelves and drawers varies from one kitchen to another. While some are simple in design and style, others feature distinct designs and patterns embedded on them. Make sure that the whole setup is in sync with the kitchen settings.

·         Installing the right appliances – A modular kitchen is incomplete without proper kitchen equipments and appliances. The cooking range needs special mention in this regard along with food processors, microwave oven, refrigerators, toaster, griller and many such modern equipments. Usually these are installed on the kitchen countertop.

·         Chimneys, dishwaters and other equipments – Installing a chimney is mandatory in modular kitchens. The chimney absorbs all the heat and smoke that is formed in the kitchen and keeps the place clean and cool. Along with this, it is also important to have the right plumbing fittings like taps, dishwashers, sinks etc. Designer items are also available in these categories elevating the standard and enhancing the appearance of the kitchen.
Along with the above mentioned aspects, lighting is also an important feature of the kitchen. Make sure that lighting is done in such a manner that every small corner of the kitchen is illuminated. If the kitchen acts as a dining space too then see that there is ample lighting in the area.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Installing a modular kitchen can elevate the beauty of your home greatly. It transforms the cooking place completely and makes it a center of attraction in the house. It is needless to say that installing these kitchens is quite an expensive matter. The best quality of appliances and products are used in these kitchens for making work convenient and easy.

Now, the most important question that arises is how to maintain your modular kitchen so that it lasts a lifetime. It is obvious that, since expensive materials are used in the making of these kitchens, they need special care and attention. These high-end appliances also have to be maintained regularly so that they remain in good form and provide the best performance.

Here are some handy tips that can help in maintaining your modular kitchen without much effort:

Clean the cabinets, drawers and racks regularly so that there is no deposition of dirt or dust on them. Use a soft cloth for cleaning. Since these are mainly made of wood or similar materials, do not use water for cleaning them. Instead use mild cleaners that will make them shiny and clean.

Do not use any kinds of harsh detergents for cleaning the work top and the tiles in the kitchen. They can lead to fading of the work top or make their surface rough. The designs and colors of tiles might also be affected due to harsh detergents or cleaning chemicals.

Make sure that the cabinets, shutters, drawers and racks are closed while cooking so that there are no chances of things inside them getting sticky due to oil. If by chance something falls into the drawers or racks, clean them immediately so that they do not leave stains and marks.

The area of the sink in the modular kitchen needs to be kept clean always. While using the sink, water might spill out making the kitchen wet. Wipe the water with a dry cloth immediately. Keep the sink free of garbage and food scraps so that the plumbing does not get blocked.

The racks, drawers and cabinets for modular kitchens have high quality hinges in them so that opening and closing them becomes convenient. Check whether the hinges make any kinds of unusual noises or whether there are obstructions in operating them. In case there are any such problems, talk to the dealer from where you got them.

Avoid scrubbing any surface in the modular kitchen with sharp objects as the fine finishing of the surface can be hampered greatly. Use cloths and mild cleansing agents for removing any spots and stains from surfaces.

Follow these steps and keep your modular kitchen new forever.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Is The Range Of Modular Kitchens & Why Are Modular Kitchens Expensive?

Demands for modular kitchens are increasing with each passing day. There was a time when people thought that these kitchens are for affluent families only. But after understanding the various benefits of these kitchens, many families have realised the advantage of having one in their home.

It is true that modular kitchens are somewhat expensive. This is the reason many people take lots of time in getting such a kitchen completely ready. They integrate things one by one so that they can balance the cost factor.

Reasons for high prices of modular kitchens

Many customers ask the question as what is the reason for the high prices of modular kitchens. Well, there are many factors actually that contribute to the high expense of these kitchens. Some of them are as follows:

Covered storage options – The cost factor depends a lot on the storage options that are chosen. Usually in modular kitchens, the cabinets, the drawers, the chests, the racks etc are all covered. Almost anything and everything can be put inside the cabinets and nothing can be seen from outside. This also eliminates the buildup of dust inside the cabinets. The cost of such cabinets, racks and drawers are hence, quite high – whether you purchase them directly or have them made personally.

Accessories – Without the right kinds of accessories, a modular kitchen will not be functional at all. Therefore installing the right accessories is mandatory. Since you are designing a special kitchen, you will invest in the best of accessories that are suitable for your needs. Look for the best brands for modular kitchen accessories. You will be amazed to see the awesome designs and patterns available that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen manifold.

High quality materials used – High quality materials are used in the making of modular kitchens. Even the smallest of the things used are branded and are expensive as a result. The cost also changes depending on the style and the patterns that are used in the kitchen. The flexibility that the kitchen offers also adds to the costing. Shifting modular kitchens is easy as it can be dismantled module by module and installed again in the new place.

Price range of modular kitchens

As material used in modular kitchen specially selected to keep quality and durability in mind, as well as each and every kitchen is customized as per clients requirements, which is the main factor which makes it expensive. Other than these it depends on Material, Accessories, Appliances and Hardware selection. An economy kitchen will start from Rs. 1.25 lacs (With good quality - SLEEK) An average kitchen will start from Rs. 2 to 4.5 lacs (With good quality - SLEEK) and High end you can say from Rs. 4.5 to the limit you can spend (With good quality - SLEEK).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Be ready….SLEEK shows its magic once again at INDEX 20

WOW, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!!! These are the few words you will use to express the innovative kitchen designs by Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. With the onset of India’s most exciting business event - INDEX 2014, Sleek is back again to stun you with the collection of trendsetting kitchen designs.

Being the pioneer for introducing modular kitchens as the boon to Indian houses, Sleek has always brought never-imagined kitchen innovations to the consumers through this exhibition. Once again, with a big bang, the Kitchen Specialist ready to unveil head-turning kitchen designs at the event.
The first kitchen is the five-door ceiling to floor cabinet storage (wardrobe-style). A glance and you will be left awestruck with a neat, chic and spacious design that promises to offer the convenience of storing everything in one place so that you don’t have to move all around finding your things.
The next kitchen defines ‘minimalistic design’ from every angle. The main feature of this kitchen is that there are no wall storage units; the kitchen looks pleasantly open because there is no bulky top storage towering over you. Moreover, everything is within easy reach and you don’t have to exert yourself as in the case of top cabinets.

At last, no other design can be a better showstopper than this. You would definitely like to touch this amazing kitchen, designed by Sleek. A kitchen in a stain finish! Incredible isn’t it? It turns your dream into reality as this kitchen features shutters with a smooth, silky and glowy finish. Flat slab doors, handless designs and a clean contemporary look are some of the features that best define this showstopper of Sleek.

So, get ready to be enthralled as Sleek casts its spell at INDEX 2014. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tips On Modular Kitchen Design

Tips On Modular Kitchen Design

Modular kitchens have become the preferred choice in many homes. One of the greatest advantages of these kitchens is that they are compact. They provide a classy look to the home as well.
It is recommended that you seek assistance from an interior designer to get the right kind of modular kitchen for your home. There are plenty of designs available for these kitchens. You can choose the design that seems most suitable for your kitchen in consultation with your designer.

Here are some easy and simple tips on modular kitchendesign:

·         Flooring materials used in the kitchen – Ceramic tiles are one of the best materials that are suitable for kitchen flooring. Tiles are stain and scratch resistant in nature. They are also extremely easy on maintenance. Mopping with a wet cloth can keep the floors sparkling clean. They are available in myriad colors and designs. Choose the ones that are in sync with the kitchen design.

·         Right kinds of cabinets – One of the most important parts of a modular kitchen are cabinets. Installing the right kinds of cabinets is very important. A number of materials are used in making the cabinets. Make sure that they are easy to clean and maintain and also easy in operations. Most cabinets are now mounted on walls to save floor space. Placing things inside the cabinets help in keeping them dust-free and clean.

·         Proper accessories to be installed – The right kinds of accessories are the main attractions of a modular kitchen. Starting from a kitchen hood, modular kitchens have the best accessories like microwave ovens, cooking ranges, food processors, grills, water purifiers etc. Most of these products are from branded companies. Choose the design and colors of the appliances so that they gel with the kitchen settings.

·         Use of proper wall tiles and wall color – The wall color of the modular kitchen will be an important factor in deciding the look of the place. Usually lighter wall colors are selected so that there is optimum light reflection, making the kitchen bright. Wall tiles should be installed keeping the wall color and the overall theme of the kitchen in mind. Cleaning tiles is easier when compared to other materials.

·         Lighting and furniture in the kitchen – Without effective lighting, the kitchen will look dull and boring. Therefore lights have to be installed in the right places so that the whole kitchen is illuminated. Right lighting makes the area look larger. Kitchen furniture also plays a pivotal role in deciding the look of the modular kitchen. Place simple yet elegant pieces of furniture for best impact. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life Of A Modular Kitchen

Planning to revamp your old kitchen? Looking for something unique for your kitchen design? You can definitely try installing a modular kitchen in your home, as it elevates the value of a property to a great extent.
It is true that there are many advantages of modular kitchens and one of the most important one among them is that these kitchens have a long life. If installed in the right manner, your modular kitchen can go on year after year without any kinds of problems.

Another benefit of these kitchens is that they can be repaired part by part. It means that if there is a problem in a particular part, only that part needs repair. The whole kitchen is not affected due to the same problem.

Proper care and maintenance for long life of modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are pretty expensive to install. The price is high because each product that is used in the kitchen is branded and of high quality. It becomes obvious that these need to be taken care of well so that they remain in good shape year after year.

Maintenance is very important for a modular kitchen, as without that the whole impact of the kitchen will be gone. Most of the people who have modular kitchens in their homes have maintenance contracts with companies which offer services regarding the same. They come for regular servicing of the appliances like kitchen hoods, cooking ranges, gas ovens, refrigerators and other appliances.

In case there are minor problems in the appliances, they can be repaired at the same time of the servicing. With the appliances working fine, one part of the modular kitchen is ensured of having a long life.

Noting electrical and plumbing connections along with floors and wall colors

Many people tend to ignore the electrical and plumbing connections in the kitchen. But for the long life of a modular kitchen, these have to be checked to ensure safety. Dripping pipes or loose electrical lines will hamper the safety of these kitchens massively. So make sure that these settings are checked at regular intervals.

The floors and the walls of the modular kitchen are done in a special manner. It is obvious that with constant use, these areas are highly affected and need regular maintenance. Ensure regular cleanup sessions for these places so that there are no chances of dust, dirt or oil accumulation. Keeping these things in mind will help in enhancing the life of modular kitchens considerably. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Modular Kitchen, the new hub in your home

Kitchen was never the space considered for renovating or refining the interior. However decorative the home interiors would look, the kitchen still remained a civil basic space given to you by the builder. But thanks to the innovations in technology and open mind learned consumer thinking, that now the size of the family, methods of storage, frequency of family gatherings etc. are the factors considered for a suitable modern kitchen design.

Today's kitchen is the hub of the home, where families and friends gather to cook, eat, entertain, and share daily life. Your Sleek kitchen, if planned and executed well, can make socialising truly enjoyable whether it is two people sitting down for a midnight snack after a weekend night out, the daily family meal, the birthday celebrations, thanksgiving get-togethers etc.

The social kitchen has an important role to play in the home every day. These days the concept of the kitchen getting socially famous is expanding constantly. The latest evolution in kitchen design incorporates research where the application of the ideas, innovations and concepts helps to increase the sense of wellbeing and social interaction in the modular kitchen. This type of modular kitchen design plan is called the Active Living Spaces.

Get entertained and mingle with your guests while preparing meals by adding a breakfast bar or a dining table to the end of the kitchen, if it has enough space. It is a trendy concept and can be well adapted to the Indian kitchen, especially in nuclear families living in the cities. It can be done by carving out a corner where a small table with two or three bar stools or even chairs can be placed around the table. It helps in socialising or helping the kids with their studies, homework, projects etc. while continuing to work and cook in your kitchen.

Our Sleek kitchen designers too are creating layouts that encourage comfortable interaction. The kitchen island is the perfect place to balance gatherings ensuring that hosts can cook, have fun, clean while they socialize with their guests.  The Indian consumer today is choosing a simple yet elegant kitchen design with straight lines, cleaner design and subtle sophisticated colours. Some of the recent changes which have been observed are curved doors & kitchens in cylindrical design.

The kitchen is truly become the heart of the home. Socially celebrating and fun filled get-togethers in the modular kitchen is the new vogue in the market.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Modern Indian Kitchen

One can forget its space for few hours, but can’t forget a room when hunger calls. These days, though everyone has a room for themselves, but a kitchen where food is cooked and served remains close to the heart, be it’s a man, woman or child.

The kitchen has an important role to play in every day’s household chores. Hence the idea of planning the Indian kitchen should be given as equal importance as interior décor.

Indian kitchens always have space constraints, but one smart step will lead to the maximization of the space. If you consider joint families in India, there are a lot of people who become a part of the kitchen. The size of the kitchen should be planned and designed by considering size of the family. A large kitchen should be remodeled in such a way that there should be sufficient place for movement. A very important aspect of the modular kitchen design is the use of the principle “Work Triangle” which calls for easy movement between the 3 focal points of your kitchen, namely, the sink, refrigeration and hob. This principle forms the basis of every Sleek kitchen for ease of accessibility. The kitchen usage is divided and hence 2 people working in the same modular kitchen makes cooking easy and faster. 

Also, if you look at today's scenario the kitchen is like the hub of home. An open kitchen is encouraged by families and friends to cook, eat, entertain, and share daily life story. Your kitchen usage, if planned, designed and executed well, can make socialising truly enjoyable; whether it is two people sitting down for a midnight snack after a weekend night out, the daily family meal or a birthday celebration etc. Our Sleek kitchen designers too are creating layouts that encourage comfortable interaction. The kitchen island is the perfect place to balance gatherings ensuring that hosts can cook, have fun, clean while they socialise with their guests. 

The latest evolution in kitchen design incorporates research where the application of the ideas and concepts helps to increase the sense of well-being in the kitchen. This type of open modular kitchen design plan is called the Active Living Spaces. It is a trendy concept and can be well adapted to the Indian kitchen, especially in nuclear families living in the cities. It can be done by carving out a corner where a small table with two or three bar stools or even chairs can be placed around the table. It helps in socialising or helping the kids with their studies, homework, projects etc. while continuing to work and cook in your kitchen.

So now select your type of kitchen, or just walk into a Sleek outlet where you can view and understand the efficient ways of kitchen usage.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Vastu for your Modular Kitchen

Vastu for your Modular Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important place in your house. If redesigning your kitchen is what is in your mind, then to bring a positive energy in the kitchen, the kitchen design can be planned according to Vastu Shastra. Believers say that a well-planned and a well designed modular kitchen through the principle of Vastu Shastra attract health and happiness. Also it helps the entire family to live a prosperous life.

Here are some pointers for a Vastu-planned kitchen. Vastu Shastra sets down definite basic rules for a healthy kitchen and decides a place for everything in it. Here are the best rules to ensure a healthy and happy life.

The best direction for a kitchen is the Southeastern corner of a house. A kitchen located in North or North East can affect your profession. The second best choice is the Northwest side of a house.
The kitchen should never be below or above a bathroom/toilet, and should not share a wall either. It can affect a person’s health.
The kitchen must never face the main entrance of a kitchen. The kitchen door must not be in any of the corners.
The hob / stove must be a little away from the wall, and should not be visible from outside. It should be placed in such a way that the person who is cooking faces the east direction while cooking.
The best and suitable colour of the walls should be in shades of yellow, rose, orange, red and chocolate.
The modular kitchen platform in an ‘L’ shape kitchen should be near the South wall.  The day to day appliances like a mixer, microwave, oven, grinder etc. can be placed there. It is believed to be auspicious. View the photos too to get a clear picture.
Everyday essential groceries like grains, spices, pulses, packed products should be placed either in South or West direction.
See that the gas burner is not in the front of the main kitchen entrance.
Utensils that are light in weight can be placed in the East or the North direction of a modular kitchen.
While cooking, one should ideally face towards the East. For clear understanding view the modular kitchen photos.
Place the kitchen dining table in the North-West or the West direction.

Building your kitchen with Vastu Shastra helps in preserving a hail and hearty atmosphere. The effects of Vastu Shastra are tremendous and with the help of this the design of a kitchen can reveal a healthy positive kitchen ambiance.

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