Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top 5 Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Remember the first time you prepared a delicious meal for your family? Remember those early mornings spent making tasty sandwiches for your kid’s tiffin? These sweet memories acquire a significant place in your heart and they have all been made in one place - your kitchen.

Earlier, architects and builders focused on lavish living rooms and spacious bedrooms. In today’s day and age, any house is incomplete without a modular kitchen that exhibits contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

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Here are the top 5 benefits of a modular kitchen in India.

1. Made just for you

Do you worry about how small your kitchen is? Fret not, because modular kitchens are customizable and designed to suit the needs of every house irrespective of its size. Special layouts such as U or C-shaped ones for bigger houses and L-shaped ones or kitchen islands for smaller houses are designed to cater to all dimensions.

2. Easy assembly

Kitchens that can be easily dismantled or reassembled is a dream come true for renters and shifters. They may also be altered to fit your brand new space. A Sleek kitchen serves all these purposes, as they can be disassembled, assembled or modified without any hassles. 

3. Space-saving

In a world where all of us are suffering from lack of space, modular kitchens come to the rescue. There are various modular kitchen benefits like pullout drawers, modular shelves, and cabinets that allow you to optimize your space to the fullest. These help your kitchen appear clutter-free and sophisticated. 

4. Functionality

Earlier, kitchens were constructed by carpenters who wouldn’t keep practicality and functionality in mind.  But with the rapid growth in the kitchen industry, you can trust the experts that design your modular kitchen because they craft them keeping in mind accessibility and a homemaker’s needs. 

5. Aesthetic appeal

You no longer have to compromise on the aesthetics or functionality of your kitchen, because modular kitchens are designed keeping these very elements in mind.
Of course, modular kitchens are the right choice but to execute your perfectly planned dream kitchen you need to approach the right people! Sleek World - the Kitchen Specialist provides you with a variety of options and an easy process that helps you make the right choice. Here’s how Sleek World goes about the process of designing your kitchen

  • They analyze your space and understand your needs
  • They assess your storage requirements and design preferences
  • They design as per your needs and work out a budget 
  • They have it manufactured and delivered, with easy installation
  • The company offers free quality checks by experts, follow ups by customer relationship team, and after-sales services
  • They offer 1 year free warranty against manufacturing defects

“Sleek kitchen’s professional suggested best options, Very good co-ordination with client, & good design to meet my expectations. Took full responsibilities & communicated well too”, said Mr Swaminathan, a satisfied customer from Mumbai. Customers all across India have received their dream kitchens and have given positive reviews for sleek kitchen to encourage people like you to opt for the right choice.

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Design the Interior of Your Modular Kitchen

In an Indian household, a kitchen is the only place where most of your time is spent. Have you ever wished for a kitchen that is beautiful yet functional? Traditional kitchens don’t give you that but modular kitchens cater to all your needs. They bring both convenience and elegance to your home, with the latest trends and designs.

Here are four ways to design your modular kitchen and give your home a great transformation:

1. Choose a layout:

Modular kitchen designs include layouts for houses of all shapes and sizes. They are exclusively designed to optimize space and create storage options. L-shaped kitchens, island kitchens, U or C shaped kitchens are various layouts you can choose from. They have been created keeping varying household dimensions in mind. A sleek modular kitchen is constructed based on the principles of the Work Triangle. This principle divides your kitchen into three different zones- The cooking zone, the cleaning zone, and the storage zone. These zones are instrumental in creating convenient designs for your dream kitchen. 

2. Choose a color palette

A color palette can be chosen in accordance with the design your kitchen carries and the overall house décor. Soft colors such as white, light green, and blue are perfect choices for a smaller kitchen because they make it appear more spacious. Whereas, in a large kitchen you may use a blend of solid and light shades to strike the right balance and flaunt a perfect contrast. 

3. Select durable materials and fittings

Since modular kitchens allow you to add a personalized touch, don’t compromise on the quality of materials and fittings used. Premium finishes on your exteriors and quality fittings will enhance the look of your kitchen and give it a sophisticated look.

4. Choose appropriate lighting

Modular kitchens introduce you to various types of lighting such as wall lights, spot lights, pendant lights, and ceiling lights. Earlier, we struggled to find things in nooks of cluttered cabinets. With a large variety of dim lights, cabins are now well-lit making things easier to find. 

Does your kitchen seem ordinary? Do these ideas inspire you to refurbish your kitchen? Modify your kitchen right away; visit a Sleek World outlet in Bangalore and choose your very own sleek kitchen to fulfill your dreams!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beautiful Kitchen Ideas for Indian Homes

Indian kitchens are full of treasures that take the form of aromatic spices, delicious fruits, and flavorful sauces. A lot of times things may get messy.  To ensure that everything is handy, you need to organize your kitchen and plan it well.

Here are some beautiful ideas, especially for Indian kitchens:

Customize your kitchen

You may customize your kitchen as per your requirements, budget, and taste. The best part is that modular kitchens give you several customization options. To complete your idea of a dream kitchen, you could also incorporate elegant kitchen furniture, cabinets and drawers.

Add channels to your kitchen drawers

Pullout drawers are really convenient to use. You could save time and effort as they help you to store and take out things with ease.

You may systematically organize bottles, plates, containers, and jars in these easy-to-use drawers.

Select good quality counter top materials

To make your kitchen look elegant and classy, embellish your kitchen counter tops with good quality wooden, glass, or stone material.

You may end up spending a little extra, but always opt for durable high-quality material as it is a smart investment, and lasts for many years.

Install open racks

Counter tops of Indian kitchens are generally cluttered due to the number of things kept on it.  To declutter your counter top, you must install some shelves, racks or trays over the counter.

You may keep frequently used items on these shelves. This enables you to work faster as things like oil, salt, and ghee will remain within arm’s reach.

Lighten up your kitchen

Ensure that there is proper lighting in your kitchen to aid convenience. Also, light up all inner corners and cabinets. Good lighting will enliven your sleek kitchen and prevent mishaps too.

You may create a false ceiling to brighten up the dark areas or make use of illumination works and electrical settings.

Utilize the corners

You should not waste any corner of your kitchen, and utilize it in the best possible manner. You may install open, triangular racks to utilize most of the space.

A beautiful kitchen design needs creativity along with proper planning.

Choose appropriate colors

A modular kitchen is incomplete without appealing colors. To create a positive impression of your kitchen, go for bright colors as they are visually appealing and evoke warm feelings.

The color of your modular kitchen is the most important aspect as it enhances the appearance of your kitchen.
You may say goodbye to all your worries by choosing to work with reputed brands like Sleekworld. It offers various modular kitchen styles and options.  Here are a few sleek kitchen reviews by Sleekworld customers:

Ms. Prachiti from Pune, “I would definitely recommend Sleek World for the quality of the material and services provided by the team.”
Mr. Preet Shah from Ahmedabad, “I would definitely recommend Sleek World because whatever was planned and discussed with the designer, all our requirements were fulfilled, and the kitchen was made exactly the same. We are happy with the overall designing, and installation work done by the team”

Implement these kitchen ideas to select the best modular kitchen for your home.