Thursday, May 26, 2016

6 Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Many of us love to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and cuisines. However, if utensils are out of place or drawers are unorganized, you might find yourself feeling frustrated and less enthusiastic to cook.

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free is essential. If you think that your kitchen is disorganized, follow these six tips to declutter it:

1. Create Zones
Divide your kitchen into zones depending on the kind of tasks you perform there. For example, you could design a washing zone by placing the dishwasher and sink close by.

You may also segregate kitchen articles according to your usage. Place frequently used items in a more accessible space than those that are hardly used.

2. Don’t Use the Countertop to Store
Use your counter only to prepare ingredients and cook food. This will give you more space to work. Use a Sleek Kitchen cabinet, which is equipped with pull-out trays and drawers, to store utensils that you will need while cooking.

3. Organize Drawers with Holders
Using one drawer to store objects of the same kind, such as cutlery, may result in a mess. Use plastic holders and baskets to segregate spoons, knives, and forks.

4. Keep Small Food Items Within Sight
Small food items may get hidden and forgotten in drawers, if they are kept with large appliances or vessels. To prevent them from going to waste, store them in a pull-out pantry where they will be visible.

5. Eliminate Unwanted Items
Some of us have a tendency to hoard kitchen utensils and gadgets that we might need in the future. To make optimum use of your kitchen space, you should move unused or infrequently used items into another room.

6. Make a Weekly Menu
Just as hoarding appliances is not a good idea, storing large quantities of grains and sauces is unnecessary. Make a weekly menu and buy ingredients as per requirement. This will free up storage space, as well as ensure that your family consumes only the freshest food.

Every homemaker deserves a decluttered and well-organized kitchen. Choose a Sleek Modular Kitchen today, and enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience.

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