Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top 5 Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Remember the first time you prepared a delicious meal for your family? Remember those early mornings spent making tasty sandwiches for your kid’s tiffin? These sweet memories acquire a significant place in your heart and they have all been made in one place - your kitchen.

Earlier, architects and builders focused on lavish living rooms and spacious bedrooms. In today’s day and age, any house is incomplete without a modular kitchen that exhibits contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

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Here are the top 5 benefits of a modular kitchen in India.

1. Made just for you

Do you worry about how small your kitchen is? Fret not, because modular kitchens are customizable and designed to suit the needs of every house irrespective of its size. Special layouts such as U or C-shaped ones for bigger houses and L-shaped ones or kitchen islands for smaller houses are designed to cater to all dimensions.

2. Easy assembly

Kitchens that can be easily dismantled or reassembled is a dream come true for renters and shifters. They may also be altered to fit your brand new space. A Sleek kitchen serves all these purposes, as they can be disassembled, assembled or modified without any hassles. 

3. Space-saving

In a world where all of us are suffering from lack of space, modular kitchens come to the rescue. There are various modular kitchen benefits like pullout drawers, modular shelves, and cabinets that allow you to optimize your space to the fullest. These help your kitchen appear clutter-free and sophisticated. 

4. Functionality

Earlier, kitchens were constructed by carpenters who wouldn’t keep practicality and functionality in mind.  But with the rapid growth in the kitchen industry, you can trust the experts that design your modular kitchen because they craft them keeping in mind accessibility and a homemaker’s needs. 

5. Aesthetic appeal

You no longer have to compromise on the aesthetics or functionality of your kitchen, because modular kitchens are designed keeping these very elements in mind.
Of course, modular kitchens are the right choice but to execute your perfectly planned dream kitchen you need to approach the right people! Sleek World - the Kitchen Specialist provides you with a variety of options and an easy process that helps you make the right choice. Here’s how Sleek World goes about the process of designing your kitchen

  • They analyze your space and understand your needs
  • They assess your storage requirements and design preferences
  • They design as per your needs and work out a budget 
  • They have it manufactured and delivered, with easy installation
  • The company offers free quality checks by experts, follow ups by customer relationship team, and after-sales services
  • They offer 1 year free warranty against manufacturing defects

“Sleek kitchen’s professional suggested best options, Very good co-ordination with client, & good design to meet my expectations. Took full responsibilities & communicated well too”, said Mr Swaminathan, a satisfied customer from Mumbai. Customers all across India have received their dream kitchens and have given positive reviews for sleek kitchen to encourage people like you to opt for the right choice.

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