Thursday, November 19, 2015

Renovate your Kitchen with Five Latest Trends

The kitchen is the favorite gathering spot in most houses. To make it an attractive place, you need to pay attention to its design. With time, your kitchen decor becomes dull. Evolving your kitchen’s style based on the latest trends is a good option.

Here are some trends that have been popular in 2015 that will help you renovate your kitchen and give it an alluring look:

  1. Embrace the traditional

    Traditional brass fixtures are in vogue these days. They can look very pretty when installed in Sleek kitchens. For an ethnic style kitchen, pick the fixtures that have traditional shapes, design and style. Add contrasting colors like blue, white or yellow to enhance the visual appeal.

  2. Go neutral

    Choosing a neutral look makes your kitchen simple and elegant. Gray is the latest neutral color choice these days. Choose a single shade of gray for your cabinets, floors and walls; else use variations in shades of the same color to create visual modulation. You may also pick an eggshell white if gray seems a bit dull to you. Besides, you may also use the combination of the two.  

  3. Stick to the basics

    A basic design can never go wrong. Sparkling and simple white subway tiles as back-splash may give an elegant look to your kitchen. Arrange them in an innovative way choosing interesting shapes and patterns to enhance their beauty.

  4. Quartz, the new rage

    Using granite as your counter-top has become old fashioned. Stone counter-tops are the new rage. Quartz is the best material to choose for your counter-tops. It is sturdy, non-porous, heat resistant and has a long life. Stains on quartz counter-tops are easily cleaned. Quartz counter-tops may be a bit on the expensive side, but they last and come in a range of designs, patterns and colors. Quartz can also be fabricated to create the illusion of marble.

  5. Flaunt the open

    Open shelves are being seen in the modern-day kitchens all over the country. The gain in popularity of the open shelves is because people now have a lot of attractive cookware that they want to flaunt. Open shelves give better storage capacities and also add to the decor of the kitchen. These double benefits have made them a rage in varied homes. Open shelves are more affordable than closed cabinets. They also make your kitchen appear bigger and spacious.
These are simple alterations that you may make to your kitchen while redesigning it. You may apply any one of these or combine a few. Any of the options will give a fresh and fashionable look to your kitchen.

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