Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get More Space with a Modular Kitchen

Majority of urban people now live in apartments in residential complexes. The sizes of the apartments vary greatly. While some are quite large and spacious, some are like small matchboxes. However, in all these apartments, the kitchen plays a pivotal role. Depending on the size of the apartment, the size of the kitchen also varies. In small kitchens, space constraint is a major problem. Modular kitchen is the best solution to this problem. With the help of this kitchen model, it is possible to get more space so that working in the place becomes convenient and easy. Here are some ways in which more space can be obtained with the help of modular kitchens:

·         Cabinets – One thing that is common in almost all modular kitchen models are the use of cabinets. These not only increase the space in the kitchen but also help in keeping things organized. The cabinets are usually mounted on the walls so floor space is saved. Storing materials inside the cabinets helps in keeping the kitchen clean, organized and clutter free.  The most important thing is that usually the corner spaces are not utilized in normal kitchens. But in modular kitchens, every bit of space is used in some way or the other.

·         Drawers and shelves – When you are looking for kitchen renovation and looking to upgrade your kitchen to a modular model, make sure that there are ample of drawers and shelves in the same. See that the shelves are covered or in a trolley style so that they can be operated with ease. The drawers and shelves provide great storage space for various kinds of materials. You can easily place utensils, cutlery and other items that you often utilize in these drawers and shelves.  Apart from shelving, there are also options of hanging materials in shelves and this too saves lots of space.

·         Kitchen counter – You might not have noticed, but the kitchen counter is an excellent place for storing items. For instance, the food processor, the microwave oven, the toaster and other kitchen appliances can be easily placed on the kitchen countertop. Having these equipment’s within your grasp helps in working easily in the kitchen.

While upgrading to a modular kitchen, various kinds of kitchen fittings are also installed. See that all of these fittings are in sync with the settings of the place.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Designing a Kitchen - The Heart of Your Home

Are you looking for a unique kitchen for your newly constructed house? Are you seeking kitchen renovation and upgradation to make the place more attractive and high on utility? If your answer is a yes then it is time to install a sleek modular kitchen in your house. When designed and planned properly, even a small kitchen space can be made to look attractive and spacious. Here are some things that need consideration while designing a kitchen:

·         Shape of the kitchen – Shape will play a pivotal role in designing and installing Indian modular kitchen. While some kitchens are in ‘L’ shape, some of them are in ‘U’ shape. These are the two most popular shapes of modular kitchens.

·         Flooring and general paint and color of the kitchen – The flooring of the kitchen is vital and shouldn’t be neglected.  Generally, floors that are water and mold resistant are preferred. Vinyl floors and tiles are the most popular choices in this regard. Usually the floor colors are dark when compared to the wall colors and oil paint is used on the kitchen walls so that cleaning them is easy.

·         Kitchen cabinets and other storage options –Integral parts of a modular kitchen design are kitchen cabinets and various kinds of storage options. The finish of the cabinets, shelves and drawers varies from one kitchen to another. While some are simple in design and style, others feature distinct designs and patterns embedded on them. Make sure that the whole setup is in sync with the kitchen settings.

·         Installing the right appliances – A modular kitchen is incomplete without proper kitchen equipments and appliances. The cooking range needs special mention in this regard along with food processors, microwave oven, refrigerators, toaster, griller and many such modern equipments. Usually these are installed on the kitchen countertop.

·         Chimneys, dishwaters and other equipments – Installing a chimney is mandatory in modular kitchens. The chimney absorbs all the heat and smoke that is formed in the kitchen and keeps the place clean and cool. Along with this, it is also important to have the right plumbing fittings like taps, dishwashers, sinks etc. Designer items are also available in these categories elevating the standard and enhancing the appearance of the kitchen.
Along with the above mentioned aspects, lighting is also an important feature of the kitchen. Make sure that lighting is done in such a manner that every small corner of the kitchen is illuminated. If the kitchen acts as a dining space too then see that there is ample lighting in the area.