Friday, May 9, 2014

Modular Kitchen, the new hub in your home

Kitchen was never the space considered for renovating or refining the interior. However decorative the home interiors would look, the kitchen still remained a civil basic space given to you by the builder. But thanks to the innovations in technology and open mind learned consumer thinking, that now the size of the family, methods of storage, frequency of family gatherings etc. are the factors considered for a suitable modern kitchen design.

Today's kitchen is the hub of the home, where families and friends gather to cook, eat, entertain, and share daily life. Your Sleek kitchen, if planned and executed well, can make socialising truly enjoyable whether it is two people sitting down for a midnight snack after a weekend night out, the daily family meal, the birthday celebrations, thanksgiving get-togethers etc.

The social kitchen has an important role to play in the home every day. These days the concept of the kitchen getting socially famous is expanding constantly. The latest evolution in kitchen design incorporates research where the application of the ideas, innovations and concepts helps to increase the sense of wellbeing and social interaction in the modular kitchen. This type of modular kitchen design plan is called the Active Living Spaces.

Get entertained and mingle with your guests while preparing meals by adding a breakfast bar or a dining table to the end of the kitchen, if it has enough space. It is a trendy concept and can be well adapted to the Indian kitchen, especially in nuclear families living in the cities. It can be done by carving out a corner where a small table with two or three bar stools or even chairs can be placed around the table. It helps in socialising or helping the kids with their studies, homework, projects etc. while continuing to work and cook in your kitchen.

Our Sleek kitchen designers too are creating layouts that encourage comfortable interaction. The kitchen island is the perfect place to balance gatherings ensuring that hosts can cook, have fun, clean while they socialize with their guests.  The Indian consumer today is choosing a simple yet elegant kitchen design with straight lines, cleaner design and subtle sophisticated colours. Some of the recent changes which have been observed are curved doors & kitchens in cylindrical design.

The kitchen is truly become the heart of the home. Socially celebrating and fun filled get-togethers in the modular kitchen is the new vogue in the market.