Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Sparkling Clean

Considering that your kitchen is the place where you cook your meals and store your food, cleanliness is of utmost importance. However, with all the cooking and related activities that are conducted here, there is bound to be some dirt and grime that accumulates over time.

While you can certainly clean the platforms and other immediate spaces before or after cooking, kitchen cabinets often tend to be left out. Needless to say, this not only alters the look of your kitchen, but could also compromise the health of your family.

Here are five ways to ensure kitchen hygiene by cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Make Daily Cleaning a Habit

    Kitchen cabinets are constantly exposed to grease, dust and vapor during the cooking process. However, the damage or accumulation of dirt on cabinets may not be as apparent as it is on other surfaces. It is, therefore, more likely to remain unattended, and can worsen over time. Cleaning the cabinets along with the rest of the kitchen can help prevent such long-term wear and tear.

  2. Check for Spills and Stains
    Spills and cooking accidents are sometimes unavoidable, when working in a kitchen. Due to the various slots and compartments in cabinets, it is very likely that many of these stains go unnoticed. So, after cooking, be sure to look for any such stains in your kitchen cabinets. It is best to clean such spills immediately, as they can be quite difficult to get rid of, once dry.

  3. Clean Thoroughly Once a Week
    Despite daily cleaning, the interiors of kitchen cabinets are not easily accessible and may remain unclean. To avoid any buildup of dirt particles, make sure to also clean the interiors of your cabinets at least once every week, in addition to the daily cleaning routine.

  4. Remember the Knobs and Handles

    Even with thorough cleaning, you could inadvertently end up missing the knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets. Dirt tends to accumulate in the small crevices and curves. Use a toothbrush for cleaning these, as the bristles are quite effective against stubborn deposits of dirt

  5. Use Polish for Better Sheen

    Over time, the cabinets tend to lose their sheen, making their appearance dull. This in turn affects the overall look of your kitchen. While cleaning, polish the outer surface of the cabinets to retain their luster and appeal.

With these handy cleaning tips, you can keep your modular kitchen from SleekKitchens, as stylish and clean as new, for much longer! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Five Economical but Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is perhaps one of the most frequented areas of your home. As a result, it is very likely that there will be some gradual wear and tear over time. Under such circumstances it is only natural that you would want to upgrade your kitchen from time to time, to restore its efficiency, as well as its appearance.

Unfortunately, upgrading your kitchen design and appliances can prove to be quite an expensive exercise. You need not worry however, as there are several ways to give your kitchen a makeover, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Take a look at these 5 affordable yet excellent ways of enhancing your kitchen.

  1. Paint Either the Upper or Lower Cabinets

    As cabinets usually occupy a large part of a kitchen, painting them can greatly change the look of the entire room.  As two tone cabinets are currently a trend, you need to
    only paint either the upper or the lower cabinets in your kitchen. Choose a paint that stands out against the existing color of your cabinets, but make sure that it does not appear out of place.

  2. Line the Cabinet Interiors with Wallpaper

    If the cabinets have glass doors, painting them is not viable option. In such cases, you can embellish the interiors instead, as they are quite easily visible through the glass doors. Applying wallpaper inside the cabinets is, therefore, a great way of enhancing your
    kitchen with a chic look.

  3. Paint the Backsplash

    The backsplash in your kitchen is often just a bare wall, without any decorations or accessories. This space provides much scope when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. Break the monotony between the countertop and upper cabinets by enhancing this space with a bright colored paint.

  4. Re-Tile the Backsplash

    In some kitchens, the backsplash space is tiled, rather than painted. As it is a smaller area, re-tiling it can contribute greatly to enhancing the look of your kitchen. Although slightly more time consuming, it is fairly simple and cost-effective. Tiles are also easier to clean, as compared to a painted wall.

  5. Enhance with a Vintage Furniture Piece

    You can also upgrade your kitchen effectively by simply adding a piece of vintage furniture like a cabinet or hutch, rather than making any major changes. This gives your kitchen an elegant look, while also increasing the storage space.

At Sleekworld, we offer you excellent yet affordable upgrades for your kitchen. So, log on to our site, and get a stylish upgrade from the kitchen specialist, Sleek Kitchens today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Classic Makeover for Your Kitchen with Sleek Kitchens

If there is one part of the home all family members may cherish alike, it has to be the kitchen. As the focus of all the culinary activity, it is important to maintain the lively essence of this space. At the same time it is also important to be able to work with ease and comfort in your kitchen.

Where, you might ask, would you find such a combination? A modular kitchen is indeed the perfect answer for such an efficient kitchen design requirement. The numerous benefits of a modular kitchen make it a perfect fit for every modern home. This is quite evident as more and more Indian households are opting for such designs.

So, if you too wish to remodel your kitchen, look no further! Sleek Kitchens, the pioneer in modular kitchen design in India offers you the best ways to elevate your kitchen’s style and functionality. Here’s how it works:

  • Makes More Space

One of the most important requirements in a kitchen is, no doubt, sufficient storage space for the numerous utensils, appliances and food products. A modular kitchen is not only more spacious but also better organized. With smart storage arrangements like hanging holders and wall cabinets, you will certainly not experience any lack of space in your kitchen.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

The cabinets and boxes in a modular kitchen, comprising several independent units, are much easier to clean. You need not repair or replace the entire set-up in the event of damage to a certain unit or cabinet. You can simply dismantle and replace or repair the affected component.

  • Ease of Transportation

Due to its unique and efficient design, a modular kitchen is often easy to assemble as well as dismantle. This is especially handy if you are moving to a new home. You do not have to spend a fortune on a new kitchen, as you can easily move your existing modular kitchen with you.

  • Energy Efficient

A significant feature of a modular kitchen design is its energy efficiency. A well-organized kitchen allows you to avoid unnecessary usage of energy or water during the cooking process.

  • Cost-Effective

Redesigning your entire kitchen can turn out to be quite expensive. With modular kitchens, you are ensured long-lasting and durable kitchen design. In the long run, it is in fact the more affordable choice, offering better value for money.

Switch to the chic and convenient design of Sleek Kitchens and cooking will be a pleasure instead of a chore. To get a modular kitchen today, contact us by filling up this form.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Five Key Advantages of Gas Hobs

As cooking is the primary activity associated with a kitchen, one of the most essential features is the cooking station itself. A cooking stove is, therefore, a necessity in every kitchen. It is important to consider a number of features before buying this vital appliance for your kitchen – such as the number of burners, intensity of flames and so on.

Although most households have traditionally been using gas hobs, the new technology of electric hobs has become increasingly popular. This said, gas hobs boast of certain features that make the timeless. Here are the 5 significant benefits of using gas stoves.
  1. Ideal Cooking Temperatures

    The flames of a gas hob are easy to control and produce an almost immediate effect. As a result, the temperatures obtained through such stoves are often more appropriate for our traditional recipes, as compared to an electric stove. The accuracy in temperatures allows you to prepare quality, well-cooked food.

  2. Even Distribution of Heat

    As the burners in an electric hob are generally not flat, this may result in an uneven distribution of heat, affecting the quality of food. On the other hand, due to the centralized gas flames, a gas stove offers a more evenly distributed heating.
  3. Less Heat Emissions

    As you turn off the knob, the gas flame immediately goes off, without wasting much heat. On the contrary, an electric burner’s surface takes longer to cool down, causing higher heat emissions.
  4. Faster Cooking

    Similarly, as the flame is a direct source of heat, the cooking process is faster than with an electric hob. As the temperature controls are also more responsive, between high and low, the meals are cooked in less time.
  5. No Need for Power Supply

    Many households in India may experience frequent power cuts when electric stoves cannot be used. As gas hobs do not require electricity, they offer a more practical alternative in such cases. As there are rarely any interruptions in natural gas supply, a gas stove is 
    certainly more preferable.
Glass surface gas hobs are gaining popularity, as their stylish appearance embellishes the trendy and modern feel of your kitchen. The smooth surface also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Sleek Kitchens offers you an array of chic gas hobs with numerous variations in features such as burners, flames, and so on. Add to the efficiency of your kitchen with an excellent gas hob of your choice.