Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Sparkling Clean

Considering that your kitchen is the place where you cook your meals and store your food, cleanliness is of utmost importance. However, with all the cooking and related activities that are conducted here, there is bound to be some dirt and grime that accumulates over time.

While you can certainly clean the platforms and other immediate spaces before or after cooking, kitchen cabinets often tend to be left out. Needless to say, this not only alters the look of your kitchen, but could also compromise the health of your family.

Here are five ways to ensure kitchen hygiene by cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Make Daily Cleaning a Habit

    Kitchen cabinets are constantly exposed to grease, dust and vapor during the cooking process. However, the damage or accumulation of dirt on cabinets may not be as apparent as it is on other surfaces. It is, therefore, more likely to remain unattended, and can worsen over time. Cleaning the cabinets along with the rest of the kitchen can help prevent such long-term wear and tear.

  2. Check for Spills and Stains
    Spills and cooking accidents are sometimes unavoidable, when working in a kitchen. Due to the various slots and compartments in cabinets, it is very likely that many of these stains go unnoticed. So, after cooking, be sure to look for any such stains in your kitchen cabinets. It is best to clean such spills immediately, as they can be quite difficult to get rid of, once dry.

  3. Clean Thoroughly Once a Week
    Despite daily cleaning, the interiors of kitchen cabinets are not easily accessible and may remain unclean. To avoid any buildup of dirt particles, make sure to also clean the interiors of your cabinets at least once every week, in addition to the daily cleaning routine.

  4. Remember the Knobs and Handles

    Even with thorough cleaning, you could inadvertently end up missing the knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets. Dirt tends to accumulate in the small crevices and curves. Use a toothbrush for cleaning these, as the bristles are quite effective against stubborn deposits of dirt

  5. Use Polish for Better Sheen

    Over time, the cabinets tend to lose their sheen, making their appearance dull. This in turn affects the overall look of your kitchen. While cleaning, polish the outer surface of the cabinets to retain their luster and appeal.

With these handy cleaning tips, you can keep your modular kitchen from SleekKitchens, as stylish and clean as new, for much longer! 

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