Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Five Key Advantages of Gas Hobs

As cooking is the primary activity associated with a kitchen, one of the most essential features is the cooking station itself. A cooking stove is, therefore, a necessity in every kitchen. It is important to consider a number of features before buying this vital appliance for your kitchen – such as the number of burners, intensity of flames and so on.

Although most households have traditionally been using gas hobs, the new technology of electric hobs has become increasingly popular. This said, gas hobs boast of certain features that make the timeless. Here are the 5 significant benefits of using gas stoves.
  1. Ideal Cooking Temperatures

    The flames of a gas hob are easy to control and produce an almost immediate effect. As a result, the temperatures obtained through such stoves are often more appropriate for our traditional recipes, as compared to an electric stove. The accuracy in temperatures allows you to prepare quality, well-cooked food.

  2. Even Distribution of Heat

    As the burners in an electric hob are generally not flat, this may result in an uneven distribution of heat, affecting the quality of food. On the other hand, due to the centralized gas flames, a gas stove offers a more evenly distributed heating.
  3. Less Heat Emissions

    As you turn off the knob, the gas flame immediately goes off, without wasting much heat. On the contrary, an electric burner’s surface takes longer to cool down, causing higher heat emissions.
  4. Faster Cooking

    Similarly, as the flame is a direct source of heat, the cooking process is faster than with an electric hob. As the temperature controls are also more responsive, between high and low, the meals are cooked in less time.
  5. No Need for Power Supply

    Many households in India may experience frequent power cuts when electric stoves cannot be used. As gas hobs do not require electricity, they offer a more practical alternative in such cases. As there are rarely any interruptions in natural gas supply, a gas stove is 
    certainly more preferable.
Glass surface gas hobs are gaining popularity, as their stylish appearance embellishes the trendy and modern feel of your kitchen. The smooth surface also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Sleek Kitchens offers you an array of chic gas hobs with numerous variations in features such as burners, flames, and so on. Add to the efficiency of your kitchen with an excellent gas hob of your choice.

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