Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kitchen of the Month

It is a misconception that one needs a lot of space to setup a stylish-looking functional kitchen. Striking the right balance between aesthetic design and utilitarian convenience has nothing to do with the size of the kitchen. This is why our Kitchen of the Month for May is a Straight Line Kitchen where storage, cooking, and washing areas are setup along a single wall for efficient space utilization with visually-stunning designs.

To maintain a sense of space without resorting to garish or overly-bright colors, we opt for sober PU graphite color for the storage space below the countertop that contrasts nicely with the dull metallic finish of the stove and kitchen sink as well as the bright acrylic Verde Olivia finish of the wall-mounted storage cabinets. The final effect it gives the kitchen is that of energy, space, and utility.

The cantilevered base cabinets running along the entire length of the sleekmodular kitchen, including under the oven, stove, washing area, and the countertop, provides more than adequate space for containers, dining sets, and other kitchen utilities. The cabinets conceal the gas cylinder as well as the water outlet for the sink, thereby ensuring continuity of visual appeal without any ugly distractions.

For handles, it is advisable to eschew conventional designs and opt for wooden G-section handles that allow you to quickly reach into the cabinet even in the middle of preparing your favorite dishes. The wood-finish adds a touch of regal class to the sleek kitchen by ensuring the design does not look monotonous. 

The functional is divided from the washing area with the oven and the stove on one side and the cutting and chopping area on the other. Apart from delineating the kitchen, the placement of the washing area in the middle helps you avoid walking the entire stretch of the kitchen every time you need to access the sink. 

The use of open veneered wall cabinets for daily-use crockery along with half height tall cabinets on the wall makes the kitchen look compact without affecting the overall visual effect of the d├ęcor. To avoid ugly protrusions, one should opt for the handle-less look that allows the shutters to open with remote control. Just the extra dash of pizzazz that your well-designed kitchen deserves!

Check out Sleek kitchen reviews by our happy customers which will give you a better idea on the functionality and efficiency using these products in your kitchen. The ideal blend of adequate storage, convenient access to all ingredients, and a classy finish that ensures lack of space is never an impediment in enjoying good food and a good life.