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Sleek modular kitchen’s main aim is increased customer satisfaction, both in terms of quality and craftsmanship.
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  1.  Why Should I Get a Modular Kitchen?
A modular kitchen is the best way to maximize the potential of your storage area and make cooking hassle free. The elements of it are customized for each kitchen offering it an impressive look.

  1. Why Should I Prefer Sleek Modular Kitchen over the Others?
Sleek is one of the pioneers in bringing the concept of modular kitchen to India which gives it the credit of experience and knowledge in the field. Sleek is dedicated to provide 100% satisfaction to its customers with its innovative and superior designs. We have the best kitchen specialists and designers in our team to provide you with only the best Sleek kitchen. The positive Sleek kitchen reviews by our customers is a testimony to our services.

  1. What is the Procedure for Getting a Sleek Modular Kitchen?
You can visit any of our nearest showrooms to browse through the design templates. If you wish to get a Sleek modular kitchen and need a more realistic picture, we send one of our senior designers for a site visit to gage the requirements and the cost.  The inputs and insights from the designer will help you make an informed choice.

  1. Is the Initial Visit by the Senior Designer charged?
Yes, but this cost is adjusted in the overall payments if you opt for a Sleek modular kitchen.

  1. How Long Does it Take to Get a Sleek Modular Kitchen Made?
Once our senior designer has visited your site and the design is approved, it does not take more than 40 days to make your Sleek modular kitchen.

  1. What Kind of Home Projects does Sleek Undertake?
Sleek undertakes civil work like tiling, countertops and similar projects. Our designers will provide you with a civil drawing if you wish for one and the estimated cost for the same. You can even get the work done from another contractor using our drawings.

  1. Are Sleek Kitchens Available for Commercial Places?
Presently, Sleek is dedicated to making kitchens only for residential dwellings.

  1. Is there Any Warranty for the Material and Components used for Sleek Products?
The Telescopic Channels (in mild steel) with black powder coating come with a one-year warranty and the Nova Pro Channels (soft-closing channels in 40 kg and 70 kg load bearing variations) come with a 5 year warranty.

  1. Are the Rates for Different Kitchen Designs Mentioned in the Catalogue?
No, because a Sleek kitchen is made-to-order according to the size of your kitchen, the cost of it will vary too. A visit from our specialist to your home will help you get an estimate of the cost.

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  1. I got a sleek kitchen sometime ago and take my word for it, they are professionals in every respect! The Designer considered the restricted space in my kitchen and came up with various solutions to effectively use the cramped spaces!