Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Six Stress-Busting Tips to Beat the Mess Created after Cooking

Gone are the days when cooking was simply a household chore. Nowadays, it is not only regarded as a hobby, but also a recreational activity. Many individuals indulge in the activity with great gusto, but the same cannot be said about cleaning the inevitable, after-cooking mess. The task seems even more taxing, when it comes to the elaborate festive meals that are cooked in most Indian kitchens.

The tiresome process of cleaning your kitchen later should not discourage you from cooking, as it does not necessarily have to be such a labor-intensive activity. Here are 6 simple ways to help you make the process easy and enjoyable.

  1. Be Prepared in Advance

    It is quite normal for a number of spills and stains to occur while cooking. This makes it inevitable to clean up after you are done cooking. To make this task easier and less confusing, it is better to be prepared, before you begin cooking itself. Keep the necessary articles handy, such as dusting or wiping cloths, cleaning sprays, and so on.

  2. Clean As You Cook

    Cleaning a heap of dirty dishes and an entire messy kitchen all at once seems nothing short of exhausting. Make it easier for yourself by dividing these tasks into multiple batches and clean while you cook.

  3. Use Eco-Friendly Methods

    Chemical cleaning sprays are harmful not only to the environment, but also to your health. Use home-made, natural solutions to clean the grease and dirt as safer and cost-effective alternatives.

  4. Freshen-Up the Air

    A number of odors can get trapped in your kitchen while cooking, making the room stuffy and uncomfortable for cooking. Be sure to leave the windows or doors open, so that the food odors can escape. Use an air-freshener to add a new fragrance.

  5. Handle Tools with Care

    Some of your kitchen tools and utensils, such as skillets, pans, and so on may come with special instructions for cleaning. It is important to follow these specifications so as to avoid any damage.

  6. Take a Moment for Yourself

    Cooking meals for festive occasions can be quite a tiring task in itself. Give yourself some time to relax and perhaps enjoy the meal instead of diving into the task of cleaning right away. This gives you a much-needed break, before you begin cleaning.

With these tips to your aid, cleaning the mess created in your Sleek Kitchen after cooking is certainly not a difficult task. So put your worries to rest and simply enjoy cooking.

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