Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Six Must-Have Pots and Pans in the Kitchen

Cooking pans are as important as other tools in the kitchen. Pots and pans help to cook different kinds of dishes. They minimize the mess while cooking. They make both cooking and cleaning process easier.

Some of the must-have pots and pans are as follows:

1. Skillet

Skillets are the most important cooking pans. The three essential types are stainless, cast-iron, and non-stick skillets. Non-stick pans let you use less oil. They help to cook soft foods without breaking them. Cast-iron skillets can handle high temperatures. They may also be used in the ovens. A stainless pan will be durable and is mostly used for cooking vegetables.

2. Wok:

Woks are used for stir frying, boiling, and making soup, among other things. A wok made up of both carbon and steel offers a good grip and is easy to move. It is also light in weight. The flat bottom of the wok helps the items to quickly gain heat.

3. Roasting Pan:

Roasting pans are a necessity in the kitchen. Choose a pan made up of heavy metals and having strong handles. Opt for the darker pans as they are ideal to make the food crispy and delicious.

4. Casserole Dish:

A casserole dish is a shallow dish made up of glass or ceramic. Glass dishes are cheaper than the ceramic ones. The dishes come in varied shapes and sizes. They may or may not have a lid. They look pretty when placed on the table. It is safe to place the ceramic dish under the broiler.

5. Slow Cooker:

Slow cooker helps to cook the food even when you are not around. Set a timer on the cooker. Once the time is up, the cooker will automatically switch to warm. It will stop cooking the food and maintain a temperature to keep it hot. A slow cooker doesn’t require your presence to prepare the dish.

6.  Dutch Oven:

Dutch oven helps in cooking a number of dishes like pasta, cornbread, and cake. They are either made up of stainless steel or enamel coated cast-iron. Choose a heavy and strong material of the oven as it helps in conducting the heat better and also saves the food from burning. When you buy it, make sure that the lid is tightly fitted. It helps to retain the moisture within the food.

These pots and pans come in varied sizes. Choose the best size suitable for your family. You may also opt for more than one size. Get all of these pots and pans and make your tasks in the Sleek kitchens simpler and swifter. 

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