Tuesday, March 8, 2016

12 Ideas for a Small Kitchen

City-dwellings are always plagued with a shortage of space and it is most often the kitchen that suffers. Nevertheless, a small kitchen doesn't necessarily have to be cramped; with the correct layout it can still appear spacious. You need to apply some tricks to design your kitchen for efficiency and space.

Here are 12 ideas that will help in any small kitchen:

Utilize corners: Corners are the most ignored part of the kitchen. Install drawers or Lazy Susan cabinets in the corners to utilize space. If you are planning a complete renovation, then you can opt for a galley or walk-through kitchen.

Mirrors: Get maximum mirrors fitted in the kitchen. They reflect the surfaces and create an illusion of enhanced space.

Shelves: Add shelves to the kitchen to maximize the storage. Install them above the counter-tops and cooking stove. You may place essentials like knives, spoons, spices, salt, cooking books, and other items on them.
Fill the space: Get custom designed shelves and counter-tops for your kitchen. These should cover the space entirely. You may also use angled counters and triangle shaped shelves.
Hanging Items: Hang cookware items like pots and pans. They not only save the cabinet space but also look visually attractive. Besides, you may also opt for affordable wire baskets.
Kitchen Table: Tables in the kitchen occupy a lot of space. Use a single table that will be useful for both preparing food and dining.
Lighting: Good lighting makes the kitchen look bright and spacious. Install under-cabinet lights and make the kitchen more functional and efficient.
Island kitchens: Use the extra space in the island kitchen as your working area. Create underneath-storage to save space. You may also design an island kitchen, which can turn into a closet when required.
Cabinet Pulls: Get cut-out, flush-mount, or recessed pulls for the cabinets. This is an efficient storage idea to make it appear clutter-free.
Hooks: Hooks are the simplest and one of the cheapest ways to enhance storage. Buy as many hooks as you want and use them to place towels, napkins, mugs, cups, and jars, among others.
Organize and plan: Plan your kitchen well and allocate sufficient space to each area. Determine the place for plate racks, near the cooking area. Get vertical shelves installed in the cabinets for placing bottles. Select a suitable place for the trash bin.
Open: Allow the upper cabinets to remain open. Use open shelves throughout the kitchen. The openness makes the kitchen airy and clutter-free.
These simple ideas will help transform your small kitchen, making it appear large and airy to guests. You should also consider the options of Sleek Kitchens that are designed with the best space solutions. These are available all over India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. 

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