Thursday, May 5, 2016

Six Kitchen Tips to Make Your Life Easier

A homemaker’s chores may seem never-ending. Dealing with cooking, cleaning and other chores leaves no time for you to relax or enjoy you cooking.

Here are some kitchen hacks that will make cooking simpler. The following kitchen tips will expedite the prepping and cooking process, leaving you with enough time to enjoy the rest of your day.

Choose the correct knife

The knife is a small but important component of your Sleek kitchen. It is vital to choose a sharp and well-balanced knife. There are different knives for slicing, dicing, chopping fruits and vegetables. Choose two or three, according to your needs and habits. Do ensure a good quality even if the price may seem steep.

Sharpen knives

Over a period of time, even good knives lose their sharpness. To sharpen a knife, use a ceramic mug. Rub the blade of the knife against its exposed and unpolished bottom for a few minutes. Your knife will be as sharp as new and will help you to cut your vegetables easily and quickly.

Roast items evenly

When you roast vegetables or fries, you need to constantly flip them over. Even then some parts may remain under or overcooked. To get an evenly roasted item without flipping, simply follow this tip. Heat your sheet or pan before you begin roasting. As the bottom will become hot, you will not have to worry about turning the sides to get an even roast.

Clean the grill

Food items often stick to the grill and make it dirty over a period of time. You may make use of an onion to clean and disinfect its surface. Pre-heat your grill, take half an onion and rub it against the rods for a sparkling grill that cooks food evenly.

Juice a lemon

Use tongs to juice a lemon when there is no juicer available. Cut a lemon in two pieces and put it inside the tongs. Press the ends to exert pressure on the flesh-side of the lemon. Finally, twist the lemon to squeeze out the juice completely.

Cut soft foods

A dental floss may be used to cut soft foods without any mess. Straighten and hold the floss along the two ends. Place a cake or cheese slab below it and use it as a knife.

Implement these tips in your daily chores and make your life easier while working in your Sleek modular kitchen.

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