Friday, April 29, 2016

10 Tips for a Safer, Cleaner and More Functional Kitchen

Creating an efficient and functional kitchen is not just about investing in fancy modular products. It is important to focus on the seemingly-minor and insignificant points that can have a huge impact on safety and utility of your kitchen space. Read ahead for some useful tips that will help you get more done in the kitchen in less time and with less effort.
  1. Instead of storing cutlery and utensils at random, store frequently used objects in the top drawer below the countertop. Utensils and food containers that are not accessed regularly should be placed at the bottom.
  2. Minimize dripping issues by placing plate trays above the sink. The excess water in the utensils will drain through the plate and flow into the sink. This will improve safety and minimize efforts required to clean the Sleek kitchen  after washing the utensils.
  3. The ideal height for the kitchen countertop is 90 cm.  Increase or reduce the height depending on your personal preferences.
  4. Avoid banging your head into the kitchen chimney by ensuring there is a distance of at least 60 cm from the chimney and your position in front of the cooking top in your Sleek modular kitchen.
  5. Utilize the space under the sink for storage of waste bins, detergents, and washing agents. Fit the bins to the shutter or doors of the under sink cabinet to ensure easy access without dirtying your hand. 
  6. Mount the pullout near the hob for easy access to spices routinely used in your cooking.
  7. If you have a compact kitchen, then use a tall unit or a pullout to enjoy additional storage without spoiling the overall aesthetics and appearance of the kitchen.
  8. The three primary activities in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and storage, should be arranged in a triangular pattern for hassle-free working. 
  9. Use corner cabinet accessories to utilize corner spaces better. Instead of storing stuff at random, use sturdy wireframe accessories to store heavy utensils and big pans in the corners of your cabinet.
  10. Make your kitchen look more spacious and bright by opting for stylish illumination accessories under the cabinet. Of course, this will also help improve efficiency when working at night.

Consider these Sleekdesigning tips and create a safe, functional and stylish kitchen irrespective of the size of your budget and the space available at your disposal. 

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