Friday, September 12, 2014

Tips On Modular Kitchen Design

Tips On Modular Kitchen Design

Modular kitchens have become the preferred choice in many homes. One of the greatest advantages of these kitchens is that they are compact. They provide a classy look to the home as well.
It is recommended that you seek assistance from an interior designer to get the right kind of modular kitchen for your home. There are plenty of designs available for these kitchens. You can choose the design that seems most suitable for your kitchen in consultation with your designer.

Here are some easy and simple tips on modular kitchendesign:

·         Flooring materials used in the kitchen – Ceramic tiles are one of the best materials that are suitable for kitchen flooring. Tiles are stain and scratch resistant in nature. They are also extremely easy on maintenance. Mopping with a wet cloth can keep the floors sparkling clean. They are available in myriad colors and designs. Choose the ones that are in sync with the kitchen design.

·         Right kinds of cabinets – One of the most important parts of a modular kitchen are cabinets. Installing the right kinds of cabinets is very important. A number of materials are used in making the cabinets. Make sure that they are easy to clean and maintain and also easy in operations. Most cabinets are now mounted on walls to save floor space. Placing things inside the cabinets help in keeping them dust-free and clean.

·         Proper accessories to be installed – The right kinds of accessories are the main attractions of a modular kitchen. Starting from a kitchen hood, modular kitchens have the best accessories like microwave ovens, cooking ranges, food processors, grills, water purifiers etc. Most of these products are from branded companies. Choose the design and colors of the appliances so that they gel with the kitchen settings.

·         Use of proper wall tiles and wall color – The wall color of the modular kitchen will be an important factor in deciding the look of the place. Usually lighter wall colors are selected so that there is optimum light reflection, making the kitchen bright. Wall tiles should be installed keeping the wall color and the overall theme of the kitchen in mind. Cleaning tiles is easier when compared to other materials.

·         Lighting and furniture in the kitchen – Without effective lighting, the kitchen will look dull and boring. Therefore lights have to be installed in the right places so that the whole kitchen is illuminated. Right lighting makes the area look larger. Kitchen furniture also plays a pivotal role in deciding the look of the modular kitchen. Place simple yet elegant pieces of furniture for best impact. 

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