Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Is The Range Of Modular Kitchens & Why Are Modular Kitchens Expensive?

Demands for modular kitchens are increasing with each passing day. There was a time when people thought that these kitchens are for affluent families only. But after understanding the various benefits of these kitchens, many families have realised the advantage of having one in their home.

It is true that modular kitchens are somewhat expensive. This is the reason many people take lots of time in getting such a kitchen completely ready. They integrate things one by one so that they can balance the cost factor.

Reasons for high prices of modular kitchens

Many customers ask the question as what is the reason for the high prices of modular kitchens. Well, there are many factors actually that contribute to the high expense of these kitchens. Some of them are as follows:

Covered storage options – The cost factor depends a lot on the storage options that are chosen. Usually in modular kitchens, the cabinets, the drawers, the chests, the racks etc are all covered. Almost anything and everything can be put inside the cabinets and nothing can be seen from outside. This also eliminates the buildup of dust inside the cabinets. The cost of such cabinets, racks and drawers are hence, quite high – whether you purchase them directly or have them made personally.

Accessories – Without the right kinds of accessories, a modular kitchen will not be functional at all. Therefore installing the right accessories is mandatory. Since you are designing a special kitchen, you will invest in the best of accessories that are suitable for your needs. Look for the best brands for modular kitchen accessories. You will be amazed to see the awesome designs and patterns available that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen manifold.

High quality materials used – High quality materials are used in the making of modular kitchens. Even the smallest of the things used are branded and are expensive as a result. The cost also changes depending on the style and the patterns that are used in the kitchen. The flexibility that the kitchen offers also adds to the costing. Shifting modular kitchens is easy as it can be dismantled module by module and installed again in the new place.

Price range of modular kitchens

As material used in modular kitchen specially selected to keep quality and durability in mind, as well as each and every kitchen is customized as per clients requirements, which is the main factor which makes it expensive. Other than these it depends on Material, Accessories, Appliances and Hardware selection. An economy kitchen will start from Rs. 1.25 lacs (With good quality - SLEEK) An average kitchen will start from Rs. 2 to 4.5 lacs (With good quality - SLEEK) and High end you can say from Rs. 4.5 to the limit you can spend (With good quality - SLEEK).

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