Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Five Trends of a Modern day Kitchen

The modern day kitchen is no more restricted to basic features. It has become more attractive and functional. Homeowners these days love to flaunt their kitchens. They, therefore, invest in its decor and designing.
Check out the latest trends that designers follow to create an exemplary kitchen:  
1.       Merge with other rooms
Kitchens are not reserved just for cooking any more. In some cases they incorporate living and dining areas as well. The counters are designed in a way to offer dining space for the family. Besides, open kitchens eliminate the walls between the living room and the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look spacious and facilitates better flow into the kitchen.

2.       Space management
Space is the biggest concern for any homeowner. Homes in urban areas are always short of space. Managing space efficiently while designing the kitchen is a challenge. To make your kitchen appear bigger, use illusionary tricks. Install open shelves, hangers and hooks for cookware, cutlery and napkins instead of boxed cabinets. Besides, you may also smartly mount your appliances on the walls instead of them occupying precious counter space.

3.       Use of technology
Technology has now entered the kitchen in a big way. Use sensor lights in your Sleek kitchens. These lights will automatically switch on when you enter the kitchen and will turn off when you leave. There are also chips that are installed in ovens that send an alert to your smartphone when your dish is ready. These technological innovations will not only make your kitchen life simpler but also leave an impression among your friends and guests.

4.       Modular kitchens
Modular kitchens are gaining popularity in India. The reasons for this are higher disposable incomes, increasing number of working women and an affinity towards modern aesthetics. Modular kitchens are easy to install, compact, easy to clean and are available in a range of designs. Besides, modular kitchens may be easily modified with changing trends.

5.       Design trends
Many homemakers are also seeking efficient functionality in the kitchens. They look out for ways to increase their storage space and organize their things better. While designing, homemakers go for sturdy materials that give a dazzling look too. Bright colors, contemporary artwork and eclectic lighting are some of the features that define a modern and stylish kitchen. Seeking expert advice before remodeling kitchens is also another important trend that homeowners are opting for.  
Smart technology, efficient storage and bright colors will give you an attractive kitchen. Elevate your kitchen experience by adopting these tips. Even if you are not planning a complete makeover of your kitchen, you may make some minor changes and make the kitchen classy and comfortable.

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