Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Customize and Enhance the Utility of your Kitchen

A modular kitchen adds freshness and charm to the entire house. Homemakers prefer modular kitchens as they improve aesthetics and increase efficiency.

Customized kitchen at Sleek Kitchens

Sleek Kitchens provides a wide range of modular kitchens, which are intelligently designed by specialists. These specialists understand consumer needs, and are attuned to Indian habits and needs. This places them in a unique position, enabling them to create perfect kitchen layouts for the Indian market. For more personalized options, you can even get your modular kitchen customized just for you. You can make modifications in existing samples or come up with altogether new layouts.

You need to first figure out your specific requirements and needs, based on which the team of specialists at Sleek Kitchens will design your dream kitchen, within your budget. The specialists at Sleek Kitchens have expertise in kitchen designing and interiors and will also offer you their inputs, advice and suggestions to help you find what works best for you.

Tips from experts

The experts at Sleek Kitchens recommend that a kitchen should be designed to provide maximum comfort, convenience, and functionality. While planning the layout, you should create one that lessens your movement while working, and simplifies your daily cooking and cleaning tasks. Adopt the work triangle concept for your kitchen layout. Place the stove, sink, and refrigerator along the three points.

To ease your tasks, all elements of the kitchen should be correctly placed. Try and place a fruit or vegetable towards the entrance of the kitchen so that you can dump your vegetables into the basket as soon as you enter. This ensures that there is no disturbance to the person cooking food when vegetables arrive. Large utensils should be kept near the cleaning area, so that you do not have to move them around too much, when washing. To increase efficiency and convenience while cooking, try to keep spices, oil, flour, rice, grams, and other commonly used ingredients towards one side of the stove, where easily accessible. On the other side, keep utensils like cookers, pans and cutlery that are used on a regular basis.

To further simplify your work, fix glass trays and plate trays above the sink. As soon as you are done washing your utensils, you can place them on the trays without any need to wipe them dry. The shutter below the sink should be used to keep trash bins. Get a small drawer installed nearby to store detergent and other cleaning agents. You can also increase storage area in your kitchen by installing tall units.

Interested in getting a kitchen designed from the experts? Visit your nearest Sleek Kitchens outlet or fill in this form and let the kitchen specialist guide you to the best kitchen experience!

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