Monday, March 2, 2015

Latest Must-Have Accessories in a Sleek Modular Kitchen

Designing the perfect kitchen layout can be a challenge. You need to select a design that not only gives you ample working and moving areas but also lets you store your supplies and paraphernalia in an accessible manner.

Sleek kitchens have compact designs and gives you a clutter-free kitchen. Here are some of the latest culinary accessories you must have to make your kitchen absolutely perfect!

 Electric Kitchen Chimney

An electric kitchen chimney not only keeps your kitchen clean and free from any kind of smoke and smell but is also a stylish addition to it. Moreover, you can find many options for electric chimneys in the market to choose for your kitchen according to its size and design.

Hover Bar

This is one of the latest tech-savvy accessories for your Sleek modular kitchen. The hover bar is an adjustable arm with a clamp to keep your tablets on while following a recipe on it. The clamp can be used on any material and the bar can rotate and move in almost all angles.

Organizer Tray and Racks

Your Sleek kitchen design is efficient in terms of storage space. However, you can add some more organizing items to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. Invest in a sturdy rotating spice rack to hold all your spices. These come with little containers that may be labeled. Also, line your drawers with cutlery organizer trays. These trays let your store your cutlery according to the type and size.

Kitchen Ladder

A kitchen ladder serves an important purpose in modular kitchens. Since a large part of the storage is in the form of cabinets over the platform, a kitchen ladder in a color matching your Sleek kitchen design is a valuable accessory. These ladders come in handy while fetching the items kept on the topmost racks or shelves in the cabinet.

Other Accessories for Sleek Kitchen Design

Align your shelves and drawers underneath your platforms with stainless steel trays for storage. Make complete use of the corner spaces with rotating stands to store your kitchen supplies.

These accessories not only add a visual element to the kitchen but are also very useful. Designing and maintaining an impressive kitchen has been made easier by these accessories.

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