Monday, March 9, 2015

Tips to Choose the Right Chimney for Your Sleek Modular Kitchen

Your kitchen is an integral part of your home and perhaps the busiest area, too. Apart from proper setting, decor and hygiene are crucial, too. Proper ventilation is a must and installing a quality chimney lets you keep unnecessary smoke and smell in check. These chimneys go a long way in protecting your wall and other surfaces against sticky fumes that rise while cooking.

Sleek modular kitchen offers a wide range of world-class chimneys that are efficient and impressive visual elements.  You may choose from free-standing chimneys, island chimneys or decorative ones.
·         Freestanding Chimney

This category of electric chimneys is the cheapest. They are fitted directly over the stove from the wall.

·         Island Chimney

True to its namesake, this chimney is meant for island cooking platforms. It may be mounted from walls in the middle of the room.  Sleek modular kitchen offers you 5 models of island chimneys.

·         Decorative Chimneys

These chimneys come with a decorative element that enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. A decorative chimney is mounted on the wall next to your stove and disappears into the ceiling. A Sleek modular kitchen specialist would usually recommend decorative chimneys to add style to your cooking area.
All three types of Sleek chimneys are easy to install. The size of your kitchen and the amount of time you spend cooking are the major factors you should consider while planning to buy a chimney.  The Sleek kitchen price is affordable and worth every penny.

Features to Check in a Good Chimney
·         Suction Capacity

The suction capacity is the first feature you should check while buying a chimney. Sleek Kitchen reviews show that its chimneys have efficient suction capacity to squeeze out all the smoke and dirt from your kitchen, keeping it clean and free of stains  formed by smoke.

·         Quality Filter

Choose a chimney with aluminum or baffle filters, which lend the chimney - and your kitchen - a stylish look. Such a chimney is made up of different layers of metal to give it a better level of purification.

·         Efficient Noise Reduction

Sleek Modular Kitchen present world-class electric chimneys that work efficiently without creating much noise.

·         Circulation and Ducting

Sleek Modular Kitchen specialists provide chimneys with re-circulation and ducting features for effective purification and filtration. These processes enable the chimney to work faster using lesser time and without straining the machine. The chimneys duct out the fumes and smoke released during cooking and help in proper ventilation for your home.

Apart from the aforementioned basic features, you must also look for additional features that can add to your comfort. These include automatic cleaning facility, detachable oil collector and a filter, all of which will help reduce the hours you need to spend maintaining the chimneys.

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