Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do It Yourself: 3 Handy Tips of the Month

Working in an organized kitchen is a joyful experience in itself. Maximizing space utilization, efficiency, and convenience can enhance the fun involved in cooking your favorite dishes. Apart from these practical benefits, the task of searching for and implementing innovative ideas can be a great way to explore your creative and imaginative side. Read ahead for some useful tips to make your kitchen a better-organized place.

Make Your Own Kitchen Labels

Creating kitchen labels is a simple and effective way to increase your pace during cooking without compromising on safety. Instead of going in for Boring transparent containers, you can opt for a stylish Georgian containers, and rely on labels to keep track of the contents.

Making labels can be a fun and interesting experience consisting of the following steps:
a.      Use a basic word processor or download a free label-making program from the Internet.
b.      Experiment with different designs, sizes, shapes, and colors.
c.       Play around with different fonts and character spacing options to create interesting labels.
d.      Print your kitchen labels on glossy label paper and paste the labels to shelves, containers, and jars in your sleek modular kitchen.

Use a Magazine Rack for Cutting Board Storage

While cutting boards are very useful, storing them properly can be a difficult task. Instead of letting them clutter your countertop or hang around, use unused magazine racks to store them on the inside of the wall-mounted cabinet in your sleek kitchen. Just follow these simple steps:
a.      Take an old magazine rack and finalize its placement on the inside of the cabinet door.
b.      Use small L-shaped angles to screw the rack to the cabinet door. Use two angles on each of the three sides of the rack for a firm fit.
c.       Place the cutting boards in the rack and close the cabinet door to hide them from sight. Simply open the cabinet and remove the board when you need to chop vegetables.

Storage Space under the Kitchen Sink

What is the point of having a Sleekworld kitchen if you have cleaning liquids, detergent, mops, and scrubs cluttering the space under the sink? Instead of hiding the clutter behind the base cabinet door, use this simple tip to organize the space under the kitchen sink.
a.      Affix a curtain rod under the sink. Hang brushes and cleaning liquids on the rod for reduce clutter and convenient access.
b.      For cans and bottles without nozzles, just loop a piece of twine around the neck and hang the bottles on curtain hooks placed on the rod.
c.       Use a picnic basket to store mops, scrubs, and wipes in an organized manner. Place multiple small baskets in one big basket to sort your kitchen cleaning accessories without wasting space. 

Organizing your kitchen is a never-ending task. Try these DIY tips to impress your guests with your imaginative solutions to common problems faced by all those who wish to reduce clutter, improve efficiency, and enhance the aesthetics of their kitchens. 

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