Friday, April 10, 2015

Sleek Kitchen of the Month

These days, we see a lot of bold colours and global influences in our kitchen designs. Those looking to renovate their existing kitchens request for detailed accents, unique designs, and innovative appliances.  
Our Kitchen of the Month for April is a stunning, Sleek kitchen island with turquoise blue cabinets and oak veneer with walnut stain wall and breakfast table. The beautifully crafted breakfast table on the island gives this kitchen a great character. The turquoise blue base and tall cabinets really make up an eye catching piece.
Sleek Modular Kitchen
This kitchen is a representation of contemporary influences. We love the flow and the minimalistic approach taken to create this small wonder. We particularly like the way how the cooktop on the island allows the cook to move freely around while talking to guests or keeping an eye on the kids. We also love the way the oven has been built into the cabinet in a way that doesn’t take away the flow of the design.

This kitchen design has a real warmth making it a perfect family room for relaxing and meal times. Kitchen islands designs are a recent development. These days, they have become one of the most desired features by people seeking to renovate their kitchens as well as new home buyers. 
Suzy Island Chimney
And the reasonable Sleek modular kitchen price make them all the more desirable considering the kind of quality they offer.
As you can see, a kitchen island offers many benefits especially when you have a kitchen plus dining room. In cities where space is always an issue, a compact kitchen is the most feasible option. They are a great option when you want the cooktop to be accessible from all sides of the room. The kitchen island’s counter top can also be used as a surface for serving meals.
The Suzy island chimney creates a great focus and is a great addition to the functional aspect of this Sleek modular kitchen. The convenient to use breakfast counter attached to island in veneer finish allows two or even three people to cook together and have meals at the same time. All in all, this kitchen functions as a multi-tasker which is capable of storing and concealing appliances and serve as a kitchen table in a modern home.
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  1. Looks good. The blue colour compliments the wood-like cabinets very well.