Thursday, June 18, 2015

10 Tips to Maintain your Kitchen

It takes a lot of time and energy when you clean your kitchen every year. The best way to avoid this is to maintain your kitchen throughout the year. You may follow these simple tips regularly so that your kitchen looks new every day.

1. Before you start cooking, empty your dishwasher and sink. When you vacate these, you will be able to rinse and wash other utensils as soon as you finish cooking, which may otherwise be left out for days.

2. Clean the mess daily. When you empty the dishwasher and sink, this task will be simpler.

3. Clean the sink with soap and warm water every time you wash the dishes. This little cleanliness process makes your entire kitchen seem healthy and tidy. Moreover, even the utensils will not become greasy.

4. Once a month, collect all your cookware like pots, pans, etc. and clean them. This will prevent the stainless steel from rusting. Besides, this will also ensure that your utensils do not get burnt-on or gather other long lasting stains. You should also regularly clean your sleek accessories.

5. Once a month, oil your cutting boards and wooden utensils. It will save a lot of time. When you clean them regularly, their longevity also increases.

6. Choose the right cleaning tools for your kitchen. Also, keep them handy. Place them under the sink-space or in a drawer where you may be able to find them quickly.

7. Keep your counter tops clutter-free and clean them regularly. A neat and clean atmosphere will always motivate you to cook.

8. Use a big trash for your kitchen. Bins in the kitchen often overflow and look messy. To avoid this, keep a bin that has a large capacity.

9. Adopt good cooking habits. You should work on your cooking manners to be less messy. This will save your time and energy spent on cleaning.

10. Enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen. Dedicate yourself completely to the tasks. Decorate your kitchen as per your taste. Add things that will make you feel happy. Also, fix the things that you don’t like about your kitchen.

All of these simple tips, if practised regularly, will help you get a cleaner look for your Sleek Modular Kitchen and make it more welcoming. 

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