Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seven Must-Ask Questions When Buying a Modular Kitchen?

Planning to go in for a modular kitchen? It is important to compare all the options available at your disposal before finalizing your choice. Make sure you ask these questions to identify the right service provider.   

1.       How Are You Different From Other Brands?

We were one of the first to introduce modular kitchen products in India. With a team of 150 designers, years of experience creating innovative and functional designs, an eclectic range of solutions, you are assured of high-quality factory kitchen finish designed to withstand wear and tear for years.

2.       Can I Choose You Even with a Small Budget?

Our customer base includes budget-conscious middle-income individuals as well as those seeking premium solutions for their kitchen. While the exact cost of the project will depend on the kitchen’s size and your requirements, our experience is that a standard kitchen costs around Rs. 1 lakh.

3.       Why Can’t I Find Your Prices Online?

No two products from Sleek are the same. A Sleek kitchen Bangalore design will consider the city’s climate, the client’s requirements, and many other factors. The price depends on factors like size, choice of materials, your preferred design, and other factors. This is why we encourage you to drop in at the nearest Sleek showroom to get a customized quote. 

4.       Why Do I Need to Pay for a Site Visit?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. This is why our senior design specialists make personal site visits to understand identify appropriate design options after considering your requirements and budget. A sleek kitchen Powai visit will help us identify potential issues like humidity and potential of water damage, and recommend products like Marine Ply accordingly. You don’t really pay more as the final price of your sleek and modern kitchen includes the site visit charges.

5.       How Much Time Do You Need to Make My Kitchen?

We take around 35-40 days once the final design has been approved. A solid-wood kitchen takes longer, around 75 days. Online sleek kitchen reviews will confirm that we provide top-quality work at all times.

6.       Do You Undertake Tiling and Civil Work?

We have experienced specialists who can help you take care of other tasks like tiling and other civil work. If you wish to hire your own experts, then we will provide a civil drawing to help you achieve the perfect finish.

7.       What Warranties Do You Provide?

Our telescopic channels in mild steel come with a one-year warranty. We offer a five-year warranty on our Nova Pro channels. You will also enjoy lifetime rust-free warranty on the wire baskets, a five-year warranty on Marine Ply shutters, a year’s warranty against manufacturing defects for the entire kitchen, and a five-year AMC at a very nominal additional charge. All accessories, hardware, and appliances come with the original hologram, which ensures you get true value for the Sleek kitchen price you pay.

The answers to these questions will help you assess the professionalism of the service provider. This will help you get the best value for the money you invest in the modular kitchen.  

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