Thursday, October 1, 2015

Modernize your Kitchen in Five Ways

Every homeowner loves to give a stylish look to his/her kitchen. If you too want to revamp your kitchen, then our tips will help you.

Follow these tips to modernize your kitchen in five ways:

1. Open kitchen

The open kitchen concept has become popular in recent years. The biggest reason is that the absence or height reduction of walls makes your kitchen look spacious. This modern design will combine your kitchen with the entertainment area. Besides, with no division between your kitchen and the living room you can engage in conversation with your guests while prepping in the kitchen. The look can further be enhanced with abundant natural light, seamless flooring and linear alignment in furniture designs. 

2. Add an attraction

Choose a highlight of your kitchen and embellish it to attract everyone’s attention. This could be anything like your heritage-style cooking stove, sleek appliances, deep farmhouse-style sink or colored cabinets. Except for this highlight, keep the rest of the kitchen toned down. To complement the look, you may place brightly colored cookbooks, polished pots or decorative tiles in close vicinity to the main attraction.

3. Use multitasking appliances

Optimum utilization of space is vital in the kitchen. Try and use the minimum space as far as possible. Use items and appliances that multi-task and also add to the decor. Besides, you may also use bright designs for your wall or cabinets and make them your focal point.

4. Bright lights

Lighting is the most important part of the decor. Augment ample natural light with strategically placed ambiance lights. You need to install bright lights in your kitchen to brighten it up.  Pick the correct lights for your kitchen without any compromise. Another trick to add to the brightness is to use white or bright paint. Besides, you may also opt for appliances with mirror finishes to increase light through reflection.

5. Mix and match

Sometimes great designs may be created by mixing and matching old designs. By combining varied designs, you may enhance the visual appeal of your Sleek kitchen. If you do not have a tight budget, then make use of material such as granite, concrete, wood finishes or stainless steel. To create the perfect combination, maintain a balance between conventional and contemporary patterns.

Make your kitchen dazzling but ensure that it does not become garish in the process. If so, you may cut down one of the features. These design tips will help you modernize your kitchen and let you and your guests fall in love with its visual appeal. To modernize your kitchen today, click here.

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  1. I like this article. Very simple and easy tips to improve my kitchen. I love to mix and match and this article has just given me a brainwave to try something new!