Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Use your Kitchen Scissors for Multiple Purposes

From times immemorial, knives have been ruling the kitchen. You have different kinds of knives for different purposes, but do you know that a pair of scissors may be a good alternative for this?
Scissors are capable of serving multiple purposes in the kitchen. Scissors are not only safe but will also expedite your task and give a neat finish. Some of the uses of kitchen scissors are as follows:

1.  Chop herbs and spices

When you need to chop herbs and spices quickly, opt for scissors. They are safe to use when you are in a hurry. They will also keep the mess associated with cutting boards at bay since you can directly chop the herbs and spices into your dish or mixing bowl instead of using a chopping board. Some of the herbs and spices that may be easily chopped with scissors are chives, ginger, basil, garlic cloves and parsley.

2.  Cut chili peppers

While cutting chili peppers, the biggest concern is their affect on your hands from chili oils and capsaicin burns. Using scissors instead of a knife will relieve you from this problem.

3. Remove the roots of vegetables

With scissors, you may chop the roots of vegetables at a greater speed. This is an efficient way to chop scallions, stems of spinach and other green vegetables, mushroom ends and florets of vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli.

4.  Get correct shapes

Scissors are best used for trimming and giving the perfect shapes to your ingredients. Create flawless triangles for chips and salsa. You may also use them for cutting strips of tortillas. You will have a greater control while cutting with scissors and will get good results. Scissors will also be of a great use while making pasta. You will get precise shapes. Besides, you may also use scissors for shortening the length of spaghetti and noodles.

The use of kitchen scissors is limitless. Over a period of time, you yourself will explore some more ingredients that may be cut with the scissors easily. Embrace the scissors and make your life in your Sleek kitchens simpler. To book a Sleek Kitchen today, click here.

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  1. These are superb tips! I never imagined that my kitchen scissors were so underutilized.